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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Allen, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. For a long time I thought I was perfect............................................... Now I know I am.
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  2. You can wear that crown south of the line old man but once you come north you will have to share it. :D
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  3. Rumor has it that church league sports event have even worse language!!!
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  4. I joined this forum to gather information on fly fishing Puget Sound’s many species and to learn a little about spey casting. I’m happy that I joined and have learned most of what I need to get started and have been given a generous offer.
    I belong to four other forums, two shotgun, one bird dog and one Italian sports car forum.
    I was surprised by the sophomoric potty humor and crude language present on this forum because on the above forums it would be grounds for removing the offender.
    I’m sure that the guys who practice crude language are not doing so to insult anyone, but merely stating camaraderie cool or attempting humor.
    For those of you who condone crude language:
    When you go into a new to you fly shop, the supermarket, a pharmacy, your parents home, or the post office, do you practice the same language?
    I’m not offended by the occasional potty humor and crude language present on this forum, but it is not a forum that I will recommend to my grand children who are of both sexes and fly fishing enthusiasts.
  5. I can be as real on here as I am in person, and I think that's what makes this particular forum great.

  6. No kidding!!! I think we have far more to concern us in regards to our sport than someone swearing.
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  7. excepting the rebel part, that is the power of Mom Jeans!
  8. And if "being an adult" means I can't laugh at farts anymore... then I don't want to be an adult.
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  9. In defense of potty humor, a well executed miasmatic fart can be a subversive act of comic genius to help us all cope with a function that is universal, putrid and necessary. Ie we have evolved to enjoy a good fart joke because it lessons the suffering, just as we have evolved to have empathy.

    I resepct the flatus. There was a time I denied its power though. I was on a date once, and resolved to bottle the gas up like bullion in Fort Knox. I would not let foul airs ruin this girl's tender impressions of me. I thought I was in control, that all that was needed was righteous self esteem and a powerful retentive sphincter. Well the percolations kept bubbling, gas producing bacteria were having a veritable festschrift in my lower colon.

    My brother and I are certain that some foods gave farts a potency beyond the norm- lamb, raisins, sardines, blue cheese, eggs. I had eaten a lamb omelette and a fistful of raisins over the course of that day. And the popcorn during that movie acted as an intestinal catalyst and accelerant. Oh what a terrible, terrible idea to quarantine the monster!

    It began to hurt. Then it got louder, the percolations that is. So loud that I had to keep turning the car radio up. But the very action of leaning forward, just to turn the dial, jeopardized the integrity of my sphincter pressures, which were at that point reaching a critical fatigue state induced by lactic acid buildups. I feared the theoretic vertical fart, the ascent of colonic gasses through all 28 feet of small intestine to stomach and then esophagus and out the mouth. Vagus nerve pathways were sending signals of great pain that radiated not just from my abdomen, but all the way onto my neck and back of my head as well! Lancinating pains. I shifted from one cheek to the other as deftly as I could. For what seemed like an eternity I could feel the gaseous alien trying to bust out. Tiny leaks occured, I cracked the window, despite the fact the night was freezing... And as I leaned in to kiss this young lady good night... ....
  10. Oh no! It was Chuck Berry!! :

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  11. The juxtaposition of low-brow subject matter and high-brow writing typically make up my favorite brand of humor. Ok,...low-brow writing is great too.
  12. Who gets to decide exactly how much profanity and crudeness is acceptable? Only the individual. That being said, I get it. If you're just venting about how people acting in a manner that you deem inappropriate irritates you, I get it. If you're saying that everyone else's level of acceptable profanity should be equal to or less than yours...well, how pompous is that?
  13. there's certainly a lot of things i see that i do not understand. some people like things i do not. i do not have to get it and it is far easier to be critical than to put yourself out there in trip reports and videos.

    as for the video in question, i may not get all of it but at least they are having fun.
  14. Couldn't agree more. Use to play on a church hockey team. Minister was on the team. Foulest and sometimes dirtiest players. strapping blades onto them was such a contradiction from there normal lives.

  15. Amazing! I thought I was the only one who got annoyed about that stuff, so I've been keeping my mouth shut all this time. It does trivialize our sport.
  16. Good grief... my thread on wearing the proper hat for flyfishing was tongue in cheek, but some seem deadly serious here in regards to the proper language and river names to use as a flyfisher.

    The flyfishing image thing is evidently ingrained much deeper than I thought it was.

  17. Some people just can't handle seven days of fog...
  18. Jerry and Josh nailed it for me. Was this rant directed at fishing? this forum? Fly fishers in general? The inauguration?
  19. People just take themselves too seriously. All of us are guilty of it some of the time, some of us are guilty of it all of the time.

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