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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Allen, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Hi Rob,

    I suspect the behaviors you find offensive are no more prevalent among fly fishers, than they are among the general population. When one's personal threshold for such behaviors gets exceeded, "voting with one's feet" is probably a more rational approach, than is railing about a trend, which (in my opinion) is analogous to rowing against the tide. In other words, although it may be good exercise, or perhaps even psychologically therapeutic, it's unlikely to result in getting any closer to one's destination. :)
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  2. I like GAT.

    Go Sox,
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  3. Jeez...every damned thing I do at work is ruthlessly sanitized, and scrubbed clean of the fundamental elements of maleness; I'll be damned if I want the same sterile bullshit (oops!) for my recreational pursuits.

    I'm an old man, and nothing makes me long for my lost 'frat boy' years more than to be criticized for such behavior.
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  4. Dammit Jim, I was good with all of this until you mentioned ass picking, especially after just shaking your hand!

    Now you've crossed the line!
  5.'s quite over the top. Much worse than elevator crop dusting.
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  6. And cubicle crop dusting?
  7. I missed a strike once, I said “Ah fu_k!
    I lost a monster trout plenty of times, every time, I said, “Ah fu_k!”
    I tripped on the riverbank a few times, every time, I said, “Ah fu_k!”
    I starred into a few pools before and saw some beauties! I said, “Wholly sh_t!”
    I’ve had a stellar fly fishing day before. I turned to my buddy and said, “What a good fu_king fishing day!”

    I ended up smiling each time afterward. “Bless me Father, for I have sinned”.
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  8. An entirely noble act of institutional rebellion!
  9. As a mere child, many many decades ago, I spent my formative years as a young Marine. f**k was pretty much the adjective of choice in almost every verbal exchange. I suppose I was irreparably damaged by the experience (among other things)....

    I don't use the word around anyone except select know, adults I can trust to not shit their pants about hearing rather satisfying cuss words.
  10. It's just not neccesary. Why must we use vulgar wording. Vulgarity is not useful, it only makes you look like a vulgar person. Why would you choose vulgarity! I'm reading here that we, as a group, like to be vulgar. Too bad for all of us.

  11. And who is in charge of determining what is and isn't "vulgar"? I'm reading here that there are plenty willing to step up and volunteer for the job. I hope it never comes to that.

    Try as I might, I'll never be able to understand why certain letters, strung together to form a word, can actually upset people. Shit. Piss. Microwave. Automobile. Who cares.... Just words for crying out loud.
  12. Define vulgarity as you like...but it does tell me something about you.
    Sorry Nick, you just told me what you think is important.
  13. Yup. I'm a vulgar person, who uses vulgar words. Guilty, as charged!
  14. And it tells us what you think is stay in your smug world, and we'll stay in ours.

  15. No apology necessary, Klik. I'm proud that my love of personal freedom was so obvious from my post. The fact that people are free to believe/speak as they wish IS indeed quite important to me. I would have assumed it would be the case for all of us. Perhaps I would assume incorrectly.
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  16. Do you believe vulgarity makes your life better?
  17. Do you believe someone uttering the "S" word after stubbing their toe makes their life worse?
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  18. What if someone called your wife/mom/girlfriend a slut/bitch/cunt while you were standing there? Would you feel upset or at least understand if your wife/mom/gf was upset? Or would you just think they were letters strung together to form words? For language to be effective there generally has to be accepted meanings for the signs and symbols we use otherwise communication is not possible.
  19. You remind me of what it would be like to live under the taliban.

    Yes, without even a glimmer of doubt, swearing and vulgarity does, indeed make my life better...and quite satisfying!
  20. Looking at this and other sites, a common theme is cropping up; passing judgement on others. I'm sick of it.

    If you don't like the way I walk, talk, handle fish, how I cast, crush my barb, park my car, clean my site, release a fish, drink, start a fire, eat, fart (its ALWAYS funny), cuss, move through a run, read water, dress, my gear choice, wading boots etc, etc, etc...Let me know in-person or shut your hole.

    Seeking solitude from a-holes is a full-time gig.

    At 42, one should be a bit more worldly and understand how to and how not to deal with people.

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