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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Allen, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. People, first and foremost, this site isn't going to change. We're all different, so no one has the right to pass judgement. People get butthurt too easily anymore. I'm not one for feminized males, so I'll gladly keep doing as I do. ;)
  2. Have you lived under the Taliban? I'm glad for you that you don't live under taliban rules. I'm even more glad that I don't live under your rules, where vulgarity is required to make a better life. Too each his own. Your's is not mine and never will be.
  3. I can honestly say that this site, overall, keeps things pretty PG, with the rare post that goes beyond that.
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  4. I'd been meaning to tell you that your wading boots suck.
  5. Seems to me we're on a race to the bottom... happy not to be among those leading this event.
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  6. Who's passing judgement? I'm not insulted by vulgarity. I just think it's stupid because it tells too much. If you get all uppity about it it's your problem...and we've just identified it.
  7. If you think I was talking about you, then you must be guilty. I don't recall naming ANYONE'S name, now did I? And who's getting uppity? I think you may be the butthurt one. ;)
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  8. What's up got tired of the "Poop" thread already and had to start another shitty thread?
  9. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! You're too funny Eric!
  10. By the way, what I was doing was kicking this ball back into play. Being a moderator and helping run this board, I was trying to get people to realize we're all different, so don't pass judgement. Hence, why I was NOT aiming that remark at you, but at EVERYONE. ;)
  11. It's not about names Jerry, you should know this. It's about civility. A civil society does not use vulgarity or personal insults to further it's cause...or it's opinion!
  12. Really, how many civil countries have you been to? I've been to over 20. All curse in one way or another, even SOPHISTICATED people, especially when they have a drink or two. I've shared drinks with diplomats in Europe, they can curse. Can you say the same experience? Where do you base your knowledge? Please, let me know.
  13. Oh...did you hear about John Boehner tell Senator Reid to "f" off recently? Now, that's where I draw the line. That was your American representative.
  14. Quite honestly, if someone were to call my wife something while I was standing there, I would chuckle and continue with my day. Words flat out just don't bother me. Of course, along with your freedom to call my wife a bitch, I also support my own freedom to handle that in my own way... Which of course, is a whole separate issue.

    However, you're taking just one small part of this argument and running with it. We're not just talking about someone standing on the side of the river slinging insults... .We're talking about a group of males, having a good time away from their wives, who happen to be cursing/farting/telling dirty jokes etc.

    Freedom does not mean the freedom for everyone to live just the way YOU think they should. Freedom also means supporting those who you don't agree with. It's a two way street, but it amazes me that so many want to ignore that.
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  15. I have several friends with graduate degrees who are very successful in their fields... I can't think of one of them who doesn't speak "vulgarities." I consider myself very well educated and reasonably successful, and I have no verbal filter.

    Edit: I'm jealous of the British. They have turned cursing in to an art that I can only dream to achieve.
  16. So, we see that you consider youself an authority on civility based on the country's you've visited. Sorry, civility has nothing to do with country's. It's a human thing. And Rob is still correct.
  17. Under my 'rules' profanity and vulgarity are optional; I don't care if you use such words or not. If I don't like the company I find myself keeping...I fully understand it's my obligation to leave said company, and find other company more to my liking. I'm not silly enough to believe I'll bend others to my preferences....I guess I'll just have to live with your disappointment in my moral fiber. Don't worry, I'm already (almost!) over my shame at not meeting your high standards.
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  18. No, not at all. But you just made a claim that you can't back up. I had more then enough experience with many countries, MUCH older and wiser then ours. Where I based my conclusion.

    I'm done with this. You want to keep stirring the pot, I'll have you parked. How about that? This is getting old. I've just spent the last month dealing with gun threads, don't need a lot of BS like this either. We can all agree to disagree and call it a night.
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  19. Rob stated an opinion. Correct, or incorrect has absolutely nothing to do with anything here.
  20. Oh, and BTW, I more then visited, I was LIVING there. I was immersed into their cultures. So yeah, I saw quite a bit of their lifestyles.

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