Belize or Bahamas?

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    Belize's Northern Cayes...

    Going to be island hopping the northern cayes at the end of Feb. It's going to be a fairly budgeted trip, so $400 for a guide really isn't an option. With that said, any advice on patterns or locales for a

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  2. it's been 10 years since i was last in cay caulker, it's a little more upscale now but still has it's dirtball charm that san pedro never had.if fishing amongst dead batteries and trash (not always) is problematic then skip it but you can do without a guide and catch many small bones from the beach or off docks by looking for patches of sand in the turtlegrass.I stayed at Ignacios and fished right in front every morning and typically caught 5 or 6 fish before breakfast.If you have a little money to spend you can hire a guide to take you where the big boys live and even sight fish to tarpon.
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    stflr priorities?

    Thanks for the input. My girlfriend and I have two weeks to lounge around, so I'm sure will be on Caulker for a couple of them. How were the sandflies and mosquitos? I heard they can get out of hand.
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  5. when the wind stops blowing or your away from the shoreline it can be pesty especially at dusk but you'll be standing 50 yards off the beach playing bonefish and not stepping on stingrays.You could do what the locals do which is to head over to martinez's bar and have a few pantyrippers and a $5 dollar lobster dinner until it's dark and the bugs subside.
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    stflr priorities?

    I appreciate the vote of confindence. However, when in roam:beer2:, that is of course after the sun sets and I've given up on searching for baby tarpon under the lamps on the docks.
  7. one last bit of advice....use light colored/white flies while fishing over the pockets light colored/white sand that the fish seem to congregate in.