Belize trip

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    Belize trip (I just added some pics)

    Thought I would make a quick post about our last trip. Just got back from Belize. We did the jungle thing in San Ignacio, then out to Glovers Atoll, then the last 2 days in Caye Caulker. I primarily fished at Glovers Atoll and it was good. We had heavy winds most of the week but bonefish are plentiful and a couple are big (most small). Barracuda are abundant and permit are scarce. Sorry I don't have time to write up a big report with pretty pics but if you are going and need info, pm me.
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    Excellent photo array. I particularly like the photo of the youngster standing waist deep in the water looking up at a heavily bent fly rod hooked up to a good fish. He wasn't looking at the fish, but rather, at the rod. I just liked that.
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    wow... those kids really know what they are doing! great fisherman, Cool report!
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    Boy those are some lucky they will remember that trip for a very long time.
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    No "Big Report" needed the pic's say it well enough.