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  1. turneffeisland

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    Has anyone been to Belize or more specifically the Turneffe Atol?
  2. Alosa

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    I've been there, but for diving not fishing. I've heard good things about bonefish on the flats and juvenile tarpon in the mangroves. I'm sure a little internet searching will provide lots in info.
  3. YAMMY

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    Yes I have on several occasions and will be going back down to San Pedro in May for big Tarpon.i have fished both at turneffe flats and Turneffe island lodges--all are great for bones[although not big ones like we catch in the Cook Islands]permit and tarpon as well as barracuda
  4. Upton O

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    I've fished Belize twice, will be going back again in a year. We stayed at El Pescadore lodge which was great, I've fished a total of 8 days over the two trips. There are a ton of bones though they average 2-3 lbs, there are bigger but Belize is known for bone numbers.

    I caught one permit, saw a number of others without hooking up. The permit are good sized. Tarpon were also present (both trips were in February, only smaller resident fish present at that time) and they pretty much had lock jaw. Did catch one small one for my grand slam. I hooked up one Crevalle jack that kicked my ass. Belize is known for the best place to make the slam. Ambergris Caye has more to offer the family if they're accompanying you plus you can fish the beaches which isn't allowed on Turneffe.

    Another plus, everyone in Belize speaks English because it used to be British possession. One tip, DO NOT take photos in the airport, the security got nasty with one lady who did.

    Have a great trip and post your report and phots.
  5. YAMMY

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    To my knowledge Belize remains a British Protectorate.In any event it is a very pleasant place to fish and visit.Fishing from a boat at night can get exciting as drug runners in 3 engine cigarette boats make their run for the Bahama's etc-WITH NO LIGHTS!
  6. Irafly

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    I fished Ambergris in November and managed to catch fish from the beach each day. I walked up and down the road and found places I could wade out. The biggest surprise for me were two Trunk fish I landed. There a boxy fish, but my goodness they fought as hard as any of the bones I landed and they were the same size. I did land one extremely stupid little permit, no really, that fish hit my fly no less than 5 times before I hooked him. At the time I didn't know how much a big deal that was.

    I stayed at Journey's End Resort.
  7. turneffeisland

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    Bonefish is great, also tarpon and Permit are all good at Turneffe around the Atol!
  8. Belize is an independent country, when it was British Honduras it was a protectorate and had a big British military presence .Those cigarette boats are heading to Mexico, about 15 minutes away not the Bahamas.If you can find a beach on Turneffe you can certainly fish there, I have and caught lots of small schooling bones.