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  1. Just got back from my 5th DIY fishing/snorkeling trip to Belize. Each trip I spend two weeks on Glover's reef and then another week visiting another part of Belize. Glover's resort is not for everyone but suits me fine. It's an alacarte type of place. You can spend a lot or a little. The bonefishing is good but if looking for permit there are better places. I only saw 2 permit in 2 weeks. There are also lots of barracuda and various reef fish to fish for, although better suited for spinning gear.

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  2. It's one of my favorite places, been going there for 30 or so years and staying a month if I can, glad you had a chance to play there. I'll be headed that way in about a month.Death to lionfish !if you look at my avatar you'll know where i'm standing.
  3. Fishing was fair; Jeff our only fisherman had a tough week chasing permits but no hits. He got a fair amount of Bone fish. We also had some drop fishing which was a success, couple big 6 lbs Cubera snappers close to the reef. Also did some trolling fishing and hooked a couple huge Barracudas, who like always, give a great fight.
  4. Turneffe Atoll
  5. where exactly were your thatched roof accomodations ? I liked the looks of that place
  6. Not sure why the posts on Turneffe are on this post except that it is in Belize. The pic of the thatched roof is on Glovers Reef, farther offshore than Turneffe and less expensive.

  7. It was just merely a suggestion the fishing is awesome [​IMG]
  8. Is beer available on Glovers Reef? Looks like a nice laid back place.

  9. It's more of a BYOB place. Too laid back for some but good for me. Beer is sometimes available but limited. Some people bring a cooler and their own but gets expensive and a hassle. Rum and coke is easier.

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