Bellingham Area SRC errr... Flounder Report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by CLO, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. I fished this morning's incoming tide in the estuary made by Chukanut Creek. I decided to go down that direction because I heard rumors of "small fish hanging out behind spawning chum" in Chukanut Creek in November. I figured the small fish were probably src's eating chum eggs so maybe there were some fish hanging out at the mouth of the creek/bay. The tide was coming in fast but I had no luck near the train tracks cross the bay (search google maps for a nice satellite picture). The water looked good and there were a lot of birds staging for the incoming tide but I had no luck in the open water. As I was working my way back to the car I saw one flounder swimming away from me, it was probably around 10" long and in very shallow water. I continued casting hoping to get something and some how got a flounder to bite my clouser. Not much of a fight but it was pretty fun. I saw some more flounder in very shallow water and one was pretty big (18 inches or so) but they were spooky and hard to track with chop on the water. Overall, it was a good morning in the sun. I saw a few schools of chum fry (I think) and some scattered sculpin action in the shallow water. Has anyone fished out here? It seems like good fishing possibly later in the summer.
  2. Flounder huh? That's pretty funny.
  3. its probably a surf perch. i thought mine was a shad when it was actually a pile perch. :)
  4. Nope, it was a Starry Flounder. I've caught them before.

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