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    I plan to visit my son in late August/early Sept. who has just moved to Bellingham area. We are both avid salt and fresh water flyfishing enthusiasts, but totally ignorant as to fishing available in Bellingham area, or even a few hours away.

    Any general directions, suggestions as to reading materials, netsites, etc., please advise. Maybe some flyshops in B'ham??

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Don Kiefer
  2. on the fly

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    There are several posts for the Whatcom county area. Look for "Skunked in Whatcom County" It might be on page two. (it just saves rewriting the same things again). lots of good places. have fun while you are here!
    Don-on the fly
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    I asked about some places to fish around Bellingham earlier "Skunked in Whatcom County" and haven't had time to check them all out yet, but I did visit Canyon Creek ( outside of Glacier) and the fishing was great! Caught and released some beautiful cutthroats. There's lots of free camping too.

    Cheers! :TONGUE
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    You gots lots of options. I don't know much about the saltwater fishing, but have heard lots of guys chasing silvers and sea run cutts in and around bellingham bay. The Nooksack river gets a good run of silvers in the fall, usually best in late Sept through Oct. Check with the Guide Fly Shop. The South fork of the Nooksack has some good trout fishing. If you drive just an hour south you've got the Skagit and the Stilly, good SRC options in both. Have fun.
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    there are a lot of nice to fish in bellingham ther is a fly shop called h& h they are good fellas there they will set u staight
    all find some more info on it and the name of some lakes.

    sage :THUMBSUP
  6. Bob Triggs

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    Look up a fellow there named Ron Gras, he's pretty experienced around there, though he may be in the southwest this time of year.Good Luck.