Bellingham Casting Practice

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by TrevorH, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. As a follow up to Golfman's thread on 15'ers, I thought we might make use of a thread to more generally discuss practicing and set times to meet for casting, at least until our rivers re-open, at which point I should immediately lose interest.

    I'll likely try to make it out once or twice this weekend. If anyone wants to meet, let me know here or via pm. I'll be casting either a T&T 1206-3 or a Lamiglas LS 1256, with a chopped dry line.

    As far as a location, I liked Bloedel Park, but am open to other options.
  2. Josh & I are going to meet up at Bloedel Donovan Park today at 1:00pm. He'll be bringing an Anglers Roost 11' 2/3, and I'll be bringing a CND Spey Tracker 12'2" 4/5/6, if anyone has an interest in casting a couple lighter rods. If there aren't a ton of people at the park, we'll be over at the docks. Otherwise, we'll be in the swimming area.
  3. It was a beautiful afternoon to stand on the docks. I have to get out and practice more often, but it's nice not to have to practice standing in the rain. I can do that when I'm actually fishing.

    That 2/3 is a LIGHT rod. Wooo!
  4. VERY light. We'll definitely need to take another run at that one with some lighter lines, maybe borrow a 4 or 5wt ambush from Ed & Scott...
  5. I have a vested interest in seeing how Josh's 2/3 switch rod performs. Josh, give me a call before the next time, and I'll bring an assortment of single-hand reels and lines.

    I also have my Bargain Basement Special, which I built for less than $50.
  6. Let me know next time you go out, I'll see if I can show up on the right day.
  7. I ordered demo 4wt and 5wt Ambush lines this morning. They should be here Friday or Saturday best guess.

    I have a Scandi 240G we could hack down and check it out.

    Look forward to getting out with you guys!
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  8. Rad Ed!
  9. Let me know when the next outing is scheduled.....I'll be there
  10. Would it be possible for me (a fresh newbie) to join in on some of these casting practices? It would probably be beneficial for me just to watch the pros at work!
  11. I don't fit into the pro category, but you would be more than welcome in my opinion.
  12. We'll be at Nugent's Corner on Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th from 9 am -1 pm. Absolutely everyone is welcome. You'll see more information here early next week.
  13. Of course. The few times I've met with others it's been totally informal, just a chance to try some other setups & BS about fishing/casting. I'll continue to post here when I'm planning to go, though it'll typically be short notice.

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