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  1. I was wondering if i could catch any fish off the beaches in bellingham bay. if i can what should i use
  2. Sorry you haven't gotten many useful replies here! Searun Cutts can be found along the shore near Post Point-use clousers in a minnow pattern, or other streamer patterns. In August and september, the coho get pretty close to the beach near the Conoco Philips dock at Neptune Beach. Same type of patterns. A boat will make this area more successful for you. More reliable beach fishing is south-Widbey Island, Canoe Point, Camano Island etc.
  3. Hey Chris,
    could you please just delete this thread. It is pretty ugly and really doesn't need to be left. This poor guy got his answer on a PM.
  4. Don, deleted those posts and am locking the thread instead of deleting it outright.
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