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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Smith, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. I encountered a pit bull yesterday on one of the pulloffs along the Ben Howard road. He came out growling and barking, I just about crapped myself, but I tried to do my best dog whisperer on him and he backed down.

    Has anyone ever seen this dog before? He had no collar. My encounter turned out ok, but it could have been bad. He jumped up on me a couple of times. The sheer power of this dog was amazing, I was almost knocked down. He was for the most part friendly after I fed him, but I felt he could have turned on me at any moment.

    Just becareful out there and it wouldn't hurt to have a dog biscuit or two in the glove box.

    P.S. No fish for me :(
  2. Yes they are very powerful and can really jump, ours can dance on our two back legs, but ours would just be kissing you, my wife rescued her from a vacant house a year ago, great dog and very smart, and of course she loves treats. Any dog running free encountered can be dangerous I have found, for me dobermans and shepherds the worst.

  3. That doesn't sound like an enjoyable experience!
  4. dog biscuts? how about a side arm? no owners, no collar, messing around.
  5. Word up on the side arm. F*** the pit bulls. No offense to the owners who domesticated the shit out of theirs, but there some out there that just naturally want to rip your face off. Or some little kids.
  6. Blow away a dog for no reason. Thats some classy shit.
  7. You can tell who the dog folks are in this thread. I agree with Kerry.
  8. The topic started with a supposedly wild pit bull, jumping from the bushes and barking a fisherman walking down the road. It's not about you average back yard dog. And now I have no class, right!
    Pitt bull have gotten a bad rap says the owners of one. But not so much from the victims.
  9. My point was to just warn those of us who fish that area. I don't think I would choose to pack a sidearm. I'll just keep a careful watch and some dog biscuits. :thumb:
  10. I didn't say blow away a dog for no reason, I have a dog, I am a "dog" person, but if an agressive/untrustworthy dog that has no owner present or identification visible( which was stated in the orginal thread Kerry) i would rather shoot the dog than be taken down by intense strength (which was also stated). It is also legal to carry a firearm if you are hunting or fishing....
  11. It was also stated the dog turned out to be friendly, perhaps overly friendly. I know the carry laws for WA. It is legal to open carry anywhere in WA. with a few exceptions such as bars, courthouses, ect.
  12. If you're gonna shoot a dog, just don't get caught with biscuits on your person because baiting them was outlawed the same year the good people of Washington voted to outlaw cougar hunting with hounds.

    Although I could be confused.
  13. I saw a guy walking a large tan pit at the BH boat launch the other day. He was leashed though. Wonder if its the same dog.

  14. Yea, but pitbulls suck... enough reason to put him out of his misery, as well as possibly save the next guy who comes along:thumb:
  15. Take it out on the dog and the only one dumber than its owner is you. When carrying both a biscuit and a gun, I believe the biscuit is for the dog, the gun is for its owner. Otherwise it's like getting mad at my car (not me) for running you over. Of course I'm only referring to problem/nuisance dogs here. Sounds like BH pup is just being a dog.

    Likewise, IMO, knowing the general perception regarding pit bulls, it's "less than responsible" for an owner to have it off lead in say the very least.

    BTW, Pit Bulls don't suck but many of their owners do.
  16. Wow TFG is an asshole!!
  17. Come on FF,

    There are bad owners of boxers, Labs, bulldogs etc etc, But you don't see city wide bans or any other kind of widespread animosity toward any of those dogs. Pitbulls are definately a problem regardeless of the owner. I'm sure all the attacks that have made pitbulls famous are from bad owners....Yeah right.
  18. Omar Quiroga had an encounter with this same Pit a few weeks back. Ill let him tell the story. Some people who have labs or growing operations use pits to scare off would be intruders.
  19. A Pit Bull running around with no collar or ID is just bad ju ju for the dog or the person. I'd just call it in.
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