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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Smith, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. It may be the owners fault, but the owners rarely bite.
  2. I said ability, you said tendency. The only tendency that I see i all the dogs that I have owned is the need to please there owner. If the owner encourages bad behaviors then they will act in that way to please there owner. There are a lot of animals including people that will fight til the threat is gone.
  3. "Have internet, will argue.."

  4. Jim

    Sounds like our Pit which we also rescued when she was about 6 months old, starving in a garage, she is also a people dog, most dangerous thing about her is her constantly wagging tail and her nibbling on our ears while she is kissing us.

    Here is a picture of her.

    Personnally have had more trouble with Shepherds, dobermanns, and all those little dogs that have those defensive attitudes, never any problems while fishing, but jogging over the last 30 years there have been. Any aggresive lose dog is a problem which needs to be dealt with if necessary. I hope they like granola bars because thats all I ever have while fishing anyway,



  5. Obviously you are someone that has not dealt with pits. I have had/bred a lot of different dogs and hands down pits are the best dog out there for all around purpose. THey are great companions, excellent security, and the most trustworthy dog I have ever dealt with. The only downside of a pit is that it loves its owner so much that it would do anything the owner wants. If the owner wants a nice protective family dog, that is what the dog will be, if the owner wants the dog to kill and fight, the dog will do it without hesitation. I have had numerous pits and currently have one now. I bring him fishing with my everywhere I go so if you see a guy fishing with a big white pit bull say hi....maybe you might even learn a thing or two about dogs.
  6. If he's takin a nap in the couches, he probably OK.
  7. I love pitbulls...

    but you have to cook em' just right.
  8. the most ignorant replies ive seen... cant figure out why so many non owners of pits know so much about them. i love my american staff' (knuckles). some here have met him and they still have both legs and arms. he did hem up a poodle over the holidays, THAT WASNT ON A LEASH, guess who's owner came over to apologize and is now on a leash since then, THE FUCKIN POODLE!!!!!!!!!!!
    TFG - owners of aggresive dogs are responsible for aggresion, period, as are parents of children who kill, you gonna shoot kids cuz they are aggresive ....go fuck yourself, you douche bag.
  9. Are we done yet? I called animal control today and they "will look into it". So everyone be careful, catch lots and lots of fish, and Pit Bulls will just have to be a Love 'em or Hate 'em breed. Can we agree to that?
  10. Thanks for advertising your intelligence and your great grasp of the english vocabulary/Language...LOL
  11. I agree !! Bhudda ,Now calm down !! Go F*ck that Poodle now !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  12. TFG, as stated in public school taught english above GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!! never liked ya when you railroaded my post on selling a boat, and still dont like ya now. internet diarrhea is whats for dinner bitch!!!! make ya laugh out loud??
  13. Right on for the call Matt. Someone is probably going to be thankfull for it bigtime. I lost a dog once and if someone didn't call animal controll, I wouldn't have a big useless ball of fur that I love dearly sitting next to me as I type this. :thumb: Plus she comes in handy when I run out of white bucktail. Golden Retriever tail makes a pretty wicked clouser minnow.

    BTW, nice looking pit Hal I've always wanted a tan one. My roomate in college had a brindle that was beautifull. The dog was dummer than a bag of hammers but.... well those who know the breed know the redeeming qualities. If we had learned dogese and told it to jump in front of a bus to please us, it would have.

    PS literally, hundreds of people partied in that house weekly and no one was ever bit but me. And that was by a feisty itallian chick who was into some really freaeky sheit. :rofl:

  14. No, by using those explicatives, you are showing you don't have much of a vocabulary to communicate. This can often be found in lower intelligent ppl and ppl who just are well...they wear a sign. yes you do make me laugh. That boat you were selling was way overpriced. If the truth hurts... Go cry bawling:bawling: somewhere else, not here on this board or post.
  15. no tears here! just prayer for anyone closely related to you douche, love that word, fits ya like a tampon
  16. if the boat was to much for ya, again go fuck yourself. didn't need the banter or knowledge you think you possess o'douche'e one kinobe..
  17. :thumb::rofl: It's hurting me....haha, Keep it coming, that is hillarious
  18. Swearing shows a lack of intelligence is BS. Thats the kind of crap you tell you kids so they dont drop F bombs at family dinners. The F word is so useful. Its like the PT nymph of the english language. :D
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