Bend, OR fishing opportunities?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Strawfish, Dec 15, 2013.

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    The daughter and family are planning a long weekend exploring the Bend area, and I am invited to ride along. They will be exploring, snowboarding, snowshoeing, etc., and since those are activities I don't take part in, I am wondering about the winter fly fishing in the area. My understanding is that rivers are closed, so I am limited to still water, which Is really what I prefer. I have various floating craft, but I probably only have traveling room for the float tube, or maybe the smaller pontoon that breaks down. Any local knowledge you care to share will be appreciated.
    Also, Apple maps recommends taking Hiway 20 from I-5 to Bend, is that a good winter road?



    should be in Stillwater, OOPS!
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    Not sure there is too much saltwater in Bend. Contact the mods to move this to the appropriate forum.
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    Fall River is open above the falls. It's a gin-clear spring creek, so it can be challenging (for me at least) even when the temps are more favorable and there's a hatch on, but it's a beautiful spot to spend some time if you're in the area and not too far out of Bend (it's right by Sunriver)

    Swing by the Sunriver fly shop and they can hook you up with the patterns you need. Failing that - standard size 16-18 nymphs worked the best for me, and if you can can a streamer into the heavily-protected ambush spots where the bigger fish tend to hang out, that might be worth giving a shot as well.
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    Go check out the metolius. Beautiful river and it was open last winter when I went around New year's.tough fishing but I got an awesome grab by one of those bulls

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