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    Going down to Bend for a friend's bachelor weekend and am thinking I would really like to squeeze in some casts. I know NOTHING about OR waters, so am behind the curve. Trout would be my preference, but I'll swing for steel as well if that's an option.

    Any fly shops in Bend that ya'll can recommend? There seems to be a couple right in town.

    I'm not looking to do a guided trip, and will be on foot. The Descutes is looking like the obvious option? Any particular parts of it to focus on?

    I'm fine with driving, but probably won't have much time and will just be trying to squeeze in casts while the rest of the lot sleeps in or something.

  2. Dan Nelson

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    I was down that way in July wade fishing. The Fall River is just outside the Sunriver area - about 20 minutes (?) south of Bend. We also fished with great success on the Upper Deschutes (above Wickiup Reservoir, waded upstream from Road 42 Bridge -- access via Sunriver Area again). But my favorite wade fishing in the area is east of Bend, the Crooked River. You can access via Prineville or via Highway 20 to Road 27 north across the Bowman Dam. Best fishing is the 10-mile stretch below the dam. Great access from the road. Here is a resource I found helpful when researching the area:

    Here is my report on the Crooked River (note, erroneously called Crooked Creek in the title) from last fall.
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    Watch the regs carefully up there. The section of the Deschutes above Wickiup but below Crane Prairie reservoir closes on September 1st. Too bad because I had some dynamite fishing there when the water level dropped late last month... dynamite!

    The Fall River is a good close option (30 minutes from Bend) and it's a fun little stream. The Crooked River is FULL of wild trout and whitefish and it's about 35 minutes from town. Very scenic with eager fish. Just don't expect any trophies out of the Crooked. The Deschutes right in town can be worthwhile if you like fishing dries at dusk or nymphing in the AM. Most of the fish are smaller around town but access is decent (any riverside parks, public areas are solid). Just be careful wading.

    I prefer hiking in and fishing brook trout way up above Crane Prairie near the headwaters of the Deschutes but that's an hour + commitment with drive time and hike in. Probably not going to work.

    Talk to Fly and Field in Bend. They are my favorite shop in that area. Bob at Sunriver Fly Shop in Sunriver will have great info for you should you fish any stillwaters or the Fall River. He's a good guy to deal with as well.
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    I was just in Bend this last week. I stopped by Fin & Fire fly shop when I was there and they were very helpful. I ended up only being able to fish a couple hours one evening near Redmond, but the dry fly fishing was a lot of fun.

    Yesterday while walking one of the many river trails with the kids I talked to a guy who was fly fishing. He was telling me the fishing has been tough since Sunday when a freak storm came through the area. I guess the river flows went way up from all of the rain that came down.
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    If you have a float tube there are several good lakes around Crane Prairie. late in the year Davis Lake can produce some nice bass with the occasional trout. Crane Prairie also produces some nice fall rainbow fishing.
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    Thanks very much guys! That's some great info. I'll call some of those shops and stop in to load up on flies and get some more info.

    I've read about the flows with the rains, but am hoping it will subside by next weekend. Sounds like there are some great options. Can't wait.
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    I live in Bend. If you want numbers, fish the Crooked River. Steelhead are coming up the lower Deschutes but are a ways from Bend. You usually cant go wrong on the Deschutes for redsides. Lake fishing is slowing down. I fished East yesterday and it was a tough day. In Crane, they are now in the river channels and you need a boat. I agree with others here about FLy and Field. Talk to Scott or Russ there. They will be helpful. Had some nasty weather last week but is looking better for the weekend
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    I got caught in that storm. It was nuts
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    Dang it, location got changed to Hood River. I was getting excited to fish some of those waters... Well, any options around Hood you guys can suggest? Seems like steelhead will be the only close by option? I wouldn't mind getting in a few swings.