Benelli Vinci Vs. M2

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  1. I have been saving for a year now and finally have enough to get the waterfowl gun i want. I want a durable and consistant gun. I use to shoot the stoger 2000 and i learned you get what you pay for. i have been reading reviews and i here the vinci has been having cycling problems, but nothing bad about the M2. I don't want anything but a benelli cause i hunt every weekend of the year and am going to buy a good gun so i don't have to buy another down the road. what do you guys think.
  2. I have owned a M2 in left hand for 3 or 4 seasons now. I really like the gun, have only had a few minor problems but nothing a good cleaning couldnt fix. I have never shot the Vinci so I dont know how they compare.
  3. Its not like Benelli has a corner on the "good" gun market.
  4. Oh I know. i have lots of different brands of shot guns, remington,browning, stoger, and savage. IMO nothing can beat a browning over and under. but when it comes to waterfowl there is not much better then benelli, and they have great warenties, and service. Yeah there are other good guns out there but i am looking to get a benelli.
  5. Shotgun fit is important too.

    Sometimes I wish I had spent a little more and got the SBEII so I could use 3 1/2" shell. People argue that it isnt needed etc etc, and I mainly agree, but even so it does restrict your options at only 3"
  6. Curious, what don't you like about the Stoeger 2000? A friend of mine was considering purchasing one.

    I've got a SBE, however, I find my accuracy to be better with my 1187. Personally I believe it to be a combination of the rib and the 'weak' front sight. As well, I think the 1187 has less barrel lift due to its weight.

    As someone else had mentioned...I'd compare a few guns prior to laying the coin down.
  7. The Stoger 2000 is a good gun for the money. i have had mine since i was 9 years old and i am know 16. The gun is great. The problem for me was that me using it for 7 years gave the gun alot of wear and tear cause (i hunt every weekend of the season) which is a lot more then most people so mine wore out faster. But for a Guy who only gets out a few times a year it should be perfect.
  8. You could buy a camo BPS and a hell of a lot of ammo for the same money and the ducks would be just as dead...JMHO.

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