Best 5 flies to tie for beginner

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Kyle Escamilla, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. troutdopemagic

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    Among the other flies people have listed, you may want to add simple Marabou patterns like the Popsicle to that list. Palmering marabou is a good thing to know, not to mention those patterns, when tied correctly work real good for winters and salmon.

    Just make sure you get good marabou and you'll be good to go
  2. GAT

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    The links for the episodes won't open for me.

    You've read references I've made to Dave Engerbretson. During the last few years that Dave was alive, he and Leroy made the first of the videos. Dave was the "color" guy. Dave could no longer tie flies due to his failing eyesight from sugar diabetes that was ultimately responsible for his death.

    Dave came up with the idea for the videos and knew Leroy through The Clearwater Fly Casters flyfishing club and suggested Leroy tie the flies. Dave provided the "play by play".

    They had hoped PBS stations around the NW would pick up the series but for some reason, Oregon PBS declined :(

    I have a copy of one of the first episodes.

    Due to production costs, they'd shoot a number of episodes at one time. Dave would change shirts between patterns.
  3. Brian Thomas

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    They don`t open for me either , but they did yesterday .
    Weird .
  4. Dave Evans

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    The new season is on now in Pullman. The two of them were at the local fly club banquet last year and they were just having a ball tying next to each other. Just laughing and poking at each other. I sat down for about a half hour just to hear them.
  5. Dave Evans

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    I record all of the episodes on our DVR. Pullman PBS seems to run the series every year. An additional bonus for those of us over on the dry side is that they are often referring to our local waters, so when Leroy, Carolyn or Dave (rip) says such and such a fly is great for steelhead on the Clearwater, or during a caddis hatch on the Lochsa, believe me, I write it down and tie some up.
  6. Rod Wittner

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    Fly Tying: The Angler's Art
    Saturday mornings at 8:30. At least here in the Tri-Cities...
  7. Kaiserman

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    I'm jumping in here late, but the basic Skunk works great for summer steelies. Not the Green Butt, just the basic low profile Skunk. Really easy to tie.
  8. JohnB

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    As a tying newbie I'll be giving some of these a try. Thank you.

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