Best 5 wt Rod: TFO TiCRX, Sage Launch, Winston Ascent or Scott A2/V2

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by kbarbs4421, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. kbarbs4421 New Member

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    Yet another fly rod recommendation request. My 9ft 5wt rod was stolen from my truck and I have spent the day looking for a replacement that can fit a tight budget. I mainly fish decent sized Montana streams, requiring long casts into the wind and delicate dry fly placement all in the same outing. I tend to prefer moderate action to fast. I know I should definitely cast each one for myself but, due to a lack of time, I am looking for your advice instead. I've found all of the following online for under $200:

    Temple Fork TiCRX
    Sage Launch
    Winston Ascent
    Scott A2
    Scott V2

    I know very little about these rods aside from a general internet consensus that they are solid choices. Should I choose one over the other? Reasons why?

  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Redington Classic Trout will be more to the moderate action end of the spectrum. Add that to your list and your list has six rods that will catch many fish.
  3. wet line New Member

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    I use both the Scott A2 and V2 rods. The A2 is a 7 wt and the V2 a 6 wt. The A2 is roughly a medium fast rod and the V2 a medium action. They both can launch and the V2 can present a fly nicely. I have cast many of the Sage and G Loomis rods in trout weights and have yet to find one I like more than my V2

  4. nb_ken Member

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    The TiCRx is broomstick stiff. I found it better suited as a beach rod overlined with big shooting heads. I don't think that's what you're looking for.

    The Launch is kinda noodley. I had one as my main 3 wt for a year or so and used it a lot. I never got it to speak to me and finally replaced it with something with a little more spunk. I'm thinking a lot of folks feel that way as I see they're giving them away on Ebay.

    The only time I threw an Ascent was in a parking lot when I ended up buying the Launch. Maybe I just made a horrible misjudgement. On the other hand...

    I love the Scott Alpha Series. I've owned them in the past and I'd own one again. I think they'd hold up against anybody's entry-level rod. Good, crisp medium-fast action. That would be my choice from your list.

    Scott V -- never tried one.
  5. Drifter Active Member

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    Winston passport got great reviews in the 5 wt. shoot out for $200 . a shop in central oregon offered it with a 50 dollar fly line bringing it down to $150 . if it were me i would compare any rod at $200 with the redington classic trout 950 , for $150 it just plain works . you can also find good used rods on the web for 200 .
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    I'm not sure about the new Winstons but I have a Vapor and it has the exact action you're looking for.They are discontinued but seem to be easy to find at a discount, on the internets.
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    I dont have a lot of experience with those rods. Some of my friends have them and I have played with them very little. One of my friends just asked me to help him find a cheap rod. You mentioned two things that are very hard to find in a 5 wt. Driving line into the wind and delicate dry fly placement. This can be done but hard to do in a 200 dollar range. Where in MT are you located? My friend just bought the echo carbon 5 wt, $170.00. This is a great rod. It has just a soft enough tip to get your delicate casts, but yet has a stiff butt section that would give you your line speed for the wind. I would really consider this rod for your purchase. Echo delivers great rods at a fraction of the value.
  8. kbarbs4421 New Member

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    Thanks for the tip on the Echo. I'm in Hamilton but fish the entire state on a regular basis.

    Despite my tight budget, I've decided to purchase two rods instead of just one. Too many good deals to pass up. I found a Scott V2 for $100 and I want to pair that with a backup, either the Redington Classic Trout ($128), TFO Pro ($100), Echo Carbon ($170) or Winston Ascent ($100).

    I will let you know what I decide and include links to the options I didn't buy, in case others out there are deal hunting for the same rods.
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    Theres no need to post specific links as links to great rod deals are allready posted on the forum. On the left side of your screen, you will see links to site sponsors who are mostly local fly shops and contribute their hard earned money to keep this site running. Promoting a business on this page who does not contribute to the site is quite disrespectful to those who do, its also against the forum rules if I'm not mistaken.
  10. John Dude Learned skills from George Dickel

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    The rods you list are excellent values for the cash.
    Also look at Albright, and the Echo 2, which is my favorite inexpensive 5 wt