Best Bang for the Buck Fishing Trip?

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  1. Planning a week long trip for two anytime in the next 12 months to celebrate a milestone event. Prefer a continuous float trip rather than a lodge type excursion. Kamchatka would be great but it's not in the budget. Figure about $4,000 per person max. South America? or B.C. ? Or ??? Appreciate all the upcoming input!
  2. Hit South America in our winter, or New Zealand. The latter might be my choice since they speak English there and my Spanish and Portuguese are non existent. Hmm, maybe a week in the Elk River valley in BC. Base yourself out of Fernie and have 5 or 6 guided days?
  3. I don't have any specifics to share on outfitters or cost but if you're living in Trout Central you'd probably enjoy a different experience. High on my list is a saltwater trip to Kodiak Island. Multiple species of salmon plus halibut, lings, and rockfish all available near shore on 10-12wt rods. Think August.
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  4. The Smith RIver in Montana. Draw only to float it.

    It takes about 5 days.


    Great Fishing!!!
  5. I was just looking at this site earlier today, seems pretty reasonable. Silvers can be off the hook there if you hit it right.
  6. If you have not been to Alaska, that should be on the short list... arguably the best fly fishing waters in the world. Peak months offer salmon, trout and grayling all at the same time.
  7. Maybe even Sept, but the amazing thing about Kodiak is the fishing can be off the charts, plus wildlife, remoteness with no one else around, it is just unlike anything you can do down here. Pick the right outfitter and you can fish freshwater/saltwater all in the same day. Casting a fly from the deck of a boat to schools of salmon in saltwater bay with Grizz walking the beach, eagles over-head.... then head up the river walk the banks again with Grizz upstream and downstream, fish till your arms are sore....just a surreal experience. At least it was for me.
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  8. christmas island!!!!! Saw it on a fly fishing show I watch and as soon as I can afford it I am there. I know its not a long float but god damn it looks fun
  9. dean, dean, and did i mention the dean
  10. Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is an unforgettable trip. There are several commercial guides who run first-class trips. If you go later in the summer the cutthroat fishing is ridiculous.
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  11. I did that float last September with Middle Fork River Expeditions out of Stanley. 6 days and 5 nights of incredible scenery, 14 exciting rapids, lots of wildlife, great food, beautiful campsites and outrageous dry fly action from cutthroats all day long. I went with a group and I think got a special rate. We paid $2300 per person plus airfare and a rental car from Boise, and a night before the trip and one after the trip in Stanley. Check this trip out!
  12. Have you considered a Canadian Steelhead trip like the Dean (as suggested) or similar?
  13. x3 on the MF Salmon trip. Great experience and you will have plenty of change left over given the budget you mentioned. The Smith is another excellent choice and it's not all lottery. There are 2-3 outfitter launches per day that you can just buy like any other guided trip, subject to availability. It's almost the same wilderness experience as the MF Salmon, but an easier trip logistically since you can go via Great Falls or Helena vs Stanley and Salmon. I got lucky and pulled a Smith permit this year and will be going DIY.
  14. An outfitter buddy of mine is running a trip on the Smith this June and looking to fill it. It is $3800, which is why I'm not going! The MF Salmon is a better bargain IMO. Rick
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  15. The Dean and most other Canadian premium waters run well over the $4000/person budget the OP mentioned.
  16. If you are conversant (not necessarily fluent, but good enough to order a room and read a menu) in Spanish, I'd consider Patagonia. The posh lodges are expensive, but you don't need to do it that way. In your price range, you could do the following:

    Fly into Bariloche, rent a car (best if you want to do some do-it-yourself exploring and fishing), or hire a taxi to take you to the small town of Junin de los Andes. Book a room in advance at the Hosteria Chimehuin (, the original fisherman's guest house in northern Patagonia. Fish any of several famous rivers with a guide (arranged by the day with the assistance of the proprieters at the Hosteria) or by yourself. Malleo, Chimehuin, Alumine, Collon Cura, Curruhue, etc.

  17. No river floats involved but for the dollar you'd have a hard time finding a bigger bang for your buck then in Baja.
    Easy to get to with lots of fast hard fighting saltwater. Even trout sized fish will put a big bend in your 10wt.
    Something to consider if you're looking for a great trip outside the trout and steelhead box.
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  18. I kinda forgot about that. I did'nt take into consideration the extra expenses an angler has to deal with in Canada.

    In that case, I'm quite certain several places offer float trips on the South Fork Flathead inside the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana. I've spent a fair bit of time in the Bob and I can assure you you'll have a good time. The Smith sounds like a good bet. Unless your dead set on a float trip, the GT's and Bones of Christmas Island would be good. I've seen those go for as low as a week of fishing for $2300 (that was either Fly Water Travel or The Fly Shop). I'm sure, you'll have fun regardless of where you go.
  19. I second what Stonefish has to say, and suggest perhaps a salty trip. If only for this; you live in CO, thus, have access to some really prime trout water, both big and small, as it is. Even the best trout rivers are still somewhat of a replication in what you already have availble.

    A trip to the salt is something different, and to me, personally, a better justifcation on a large expenditure. Baja (La Paz, Loreto, etc...) seems a fantastic option and value. If looking at bonefish, I'd suggest Pelican Bay/H20 Bonefish in Grand Bahama, or maybe Mars Bay in Andros. There are some real deals to be had in Belize as well, in and around Turneffe. Boca Paila, in Mexico, is a fantastic spot to start flats fishing due to species diversity and relatively cooperative bones (the permit there are, alas, like permit everywhere...)


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  20. Thanks to all for the great input! Spent the last 52 years in So Oregon so I've done the Steelhead thing a lot and have done a fair amount of Alaska fishing as well. Patagonia intrigues me and I found a highly spoken of trip for about 4k (plus air). Regardless I will be researching your suggestions in depth. Feel free to keep em coming!
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