Best Bang for the Buck Fishing Trip?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by saffman, Apr 7, 2013.

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    wasn't thinking guided... but guided is over the 4k mark
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    I have to go along with those suggested a blue water trip. Me and the guys booked a package dorado fishing trip based in Loreto, Baja. It was our first experience catching any blue water species and hooking a dorado is like hooking a missle that just launched. Plus, the entire package deal was dirt cheap.

    Just an option.
  3. Saffman, PM me if you want more info on Argentina.
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    I'd go with something salty in the warmer waters; one the weathers really nice, I like it hot or at least pretty warm. Two there's a bigger variety of fish and from my minimal experince they do fight like buggery and you can go after some seriously big fish with a good chance of at least hooking some. Landing...well see if your gear and you are up to it. For a one off I'd rather catch tuna, Mahi Mahi, wahoo or sailfish/marlin.

    To some degree the salt is a wee bit less run dependent but go in the middle of peak time to be sure and you could also get possibly longer for the same $ staying in a local hotel/B&B rather than a dedicated lodge paying top $. I'd hate to pony up for a onetime mega trip only to meet low water or torrential flooding, can't fly in or be told the classic "Should've been here last week/Don't know why the runs are so late this yr?" kind of crap but we all know that's fishing. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

    Not that can't happen in the tropics, you could be blown out by a hurricane but pick your place and time. You're obviously thinking a lot about this so good for you, I'm sure you'll end up with what will truly scratch your itch.

    My dream is the Chrismas Islands or thereabouts but going after GTs, they just seem to me like the most brutal, bruising fish you could ever hope to hook up with. The linebackers of the fish world. And there's always them bones too and god only knows what else :) You may well fancy endless 3 lb grayling on the dry, both are equally awesome and it's your choice. Regardless, I'm in no position to do any of this right now and so I'm highly jealoius of where ever you get to, good for you.


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  5. Richard O's post hits it if you're interested in South America. Muknuk on the Forum did a post under travel on how to fish Patagonia for $200/day (self-guided) that really intrigues me. My Spanish is passable and I recently discovered Google Translate; check it out, amazing app. I believe one could get by pretty well with it alone.
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    While I have not been to Argentina, a friend of mine, Barrett Mattison goes every year and can facilitate trips at all budget ranges. His book, Fly-Fishing in Patagonia is an excellent reference and you should get it and read it before your trip. fishing in Patagonia. I've also gotten to know "Muknuk" who lives on the Methow River and goes often on self guided trips to Patagonia. He and Barrett are buddies and both are excellent resources for a trip there. Rick
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    You have a fairly substantial budget, what about the Amazon for peacock bass and other exotic fishes? It's the best trip I have taken, as far as adventure and sights and sounds and floura and fauna, all more intersting than the last. The fishing itself is pretty impressive, big, hard fighting fish (basically a largemouth on HGH...) But it's the anciallry things that make it; walking thru the jungle to some backwater lagoon, seeing flights of Macaws overhead, huge otters and pink freshwater dolphins, you name it.

    Here are a bunch of photos, sorry, couldn't choose just a few. Makes me want to go back, perhaps someday...













  8. Okay, I retract my recommendation of going to Patagonia. Go to the Amazon -- Amazing!
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    Dang those are awesome! What tippet do you use for the crocodile? And how do you tie a full size dead chicken pattern?
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  10. ak_powder_monkey

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    The Gaspe Region comes to mind. Not sure how much it costs or any of the logistics, but I do know that there is public water that you have to draw, and Atlantic salmon are the shiznit.
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    There are some horse pack trips into yellowstone or the john day wilderness area that are high on my bucket list. I think it'd be awesome to get really deep into wilderness, yet also have the opportunity to stretch my legs if I got sick of sitting in a raft all day. I'm not sure what the regulations are, but it would really be cool to take a packraft and float a couple of those wilderness sections.
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    This thread keeps on delivering simply because it allows me to add to my bucket list...

    My personal opinion would be to go to Belize for a week very closely followed by Patagonia and then Baja...if you do Christmas Island you might as well stop in NZ on the way there or back but then you've doubled your budget. Know a guy that guided for the below lodge in Southern Chile, based on the pictures, culture and stories he told it sounds fantastic and the guy running the place is American so it cuts down on the language barrier, if one does exist. Don't think they do one extensive float but different varities from long floats, prarie creeks, sea run browns...
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    I haven't used these folks before, but Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures looks like a great company to consider. Have had their catalog mailed to me and they have a ton of options and prices.

    In case it's helpful
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    Speaking of Yellowdog, the owners came out for a two day Skagit float this winter with my friends Ed Megill and Scott Willison new Bellingham fly shop owners and flyfishing outfitters. They had a ball, and according to Ed are great guys. They will be booking trips for Ed's outfitting company now! On another subject, I spent two weeks in New Zealand and it was an amazing trip with some fabulous fishing and great people. A long flight, but totally worth the cost and time! Rick
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    I second this option! I did this exact trip back in 2005. Car rental was quite cheap, the drive from Bartiloche to Junin de los Andes is spectacular! We stayed at the Hosteria Chimehuin. Great place right on the Chimehuin river. I was unfortunate to be there during one of the worse runoffs the area had ever had, so most of the rivers were blown. The lakes are amazing though! I ended spending most of my time fishing the Boca of the Chimehuin, and several days of guided trips sight fishing for Rainbows, browns, and brook trout along the shores of lake Huechelufquen (sp?). If you like steak, wine, and pasta then Argentina is the place!
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    Heck, I've lived (and fished) in Brasil, Uruguay, Mexico and traveled all over SA and Baja. The fishing in the Amazon and Rio Negro is astounding. The steaks (and pork) in Uruguay and Argentina are great (as is the fishing... and the people). But bang-for-the-buck I'll do Baja. Then Argentina and then Brasil.

    Best would be drive down to Loreto with a kayak on top of the car and mooch around the islands (watching the weather - the northerlies in winter can seriously impact 32-foot sailboats, let alone kayaks). Lots of great hotels in the area. And even campgrounds (Tripui, an RV park at Pto. Escondido). (Don't just sleep on the beach... scorpions come out at night!) But you can fly down and rent kayaks and the hotels are pretty sweet.

    There are streams in the mountains that I always wondered whether they held fish but I didn't have a Jeep back then to go find out. Next trip!

    Sierra Mackerel tastes just like trout when pan-fried with hash browns and eggs. Honest. I once had to give away 7 of them just because I just couldn't stop fishing (I caught the first one - which was the only one we really needed - before I even got the oars into the oarlocks).

    Reading all the bucket lists and suggestions and thinking to myself, "Hey, I've done those" makes me realize that I'm luckier than most.

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    July 28th Launch on the Selway River in Idaho with Three Rivers Rafting. Only one launch per day on the Selway. $2,000 each. Gin clear water. Insane trout fishing. Excellent food. Here's the general info on the trip:

    Here's a video I did of the trip in 2010. We had over 400 fish to the boat that trip, not counting the shake offs.
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    Cool video. Thanks.
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