Best Bang for the Buck Fishing Trip?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by saffman, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Love the big Brookies. Did trip on the Woods River system in Labrador in 09. Great fishing but the bugs were so vicious it really did impact the experience, and would prevent me from suggesting it to the OP. Logistsics were also a bit of a pain. Fortress Lake might be a way to replicate the experience more comfortably and cheaply.
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    La Paz in the Baja is a great option, check out this company

    I took a trip down a few years ago and after extensive research they were not the least expensive option, but darn near close to it and they offered the most for the money. Jonathan is a great guy and will take care of you. The fishing options were incredible but the only draw back is you have to provide all your own gear and flies if you plan to fly fish. Although I have heard that he is starting to provide some gear.

    If you decide to do it let me know and I can give you some ideas for patterns and locations to fish on non guided days.
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