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Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by freestoneangler, Aug 21, 2013.

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    OK, we've beaten the hell out of the shootings, gun control, ammo shortage and associated horseshit. Now don't get me wrong, I still love being part of the pissing match, but this is after all the "Cast & Blast" forum. I have been on and committed to memory, for repeat, a number of great fishing trips and fewer, but nonetheless great, blast trips. What I'd like to hear from the forum are some recommendations for great cast & blast trips. I know the Yakima and the local hunt club is a close option, but how about some others...even OR, ID and MT?

    I've added a nice CZ 12/26 OU which is treating me right and we just made a deposit on a yellow lab that we will be picking up the 1st week of October...time to start thinking about some venues.
  2. Roper Idiot Savant

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    I don't know about great or best, but the one coming up at our property has me itching to get there. Low key, chase grouse early and late, fish local lakes during the day, eat dead animals and drink cold beers for dinner. Bullshit with friends and laugh our asses off at each other. Get your picture taken just as the fish slips from your hands back into the water...:D

    Best of luck with that new pup!
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    Going to kill preserve birds is not what I consider hunting, so I'd be hard pressed to call it "cast & blast". It is as close to hunting as banging a hooker is to making love. It has its purpose for working very young dogs and very old dogs.

    Look into a Middle Fork cast & blast with Adventure Sun Valley. I used to guide their June kayak launch dates and cast & blast in Sept.

    Brad runs a tight ship.
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  4. Troutrageous Active Member

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    I like SE Washington. Ronde, Snake, etc. Fishing for steelhead or even bass, and hunting upland birds. I haven't done as much as I like, so I don't have any specific hunts, and honestly, I'd probably not share them, but I'd suggest you explore down there a bit.
  5. Rick Todd Active Member

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    Every October for the opening of pheasant hunting a group of us, including two Montana fly fishing guides meet in Choteau, MT for hunting. After the first two days of the season the dogs are pretty much worthless and in need of some rest, so we drive 80 miles to Craig, dragging the guide's two drift boats along and do a full day of fishing the MO. Back at hunting the 4th day, fish the 5th day, hunt the 6th day and head back home-it is usually a possession limit hunt for all of us and the fishing in early October on the MO is about as good as it gets! My cabin in Winthrop is another good one-steelhead on the Methow and quail in the Brewster area, or later, ducks on Lake Pateros and upland hunting all around there. Agree with Marty that released birds is more of a training exercise than the real thing. Rick
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    I have had a great day shooting roosters and quail on public land around Moses Lake then heading to the petting zoo at Rocky Ford for some fishing.
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  7. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    I've seen some awfully good looking hookers. (Somehow I think DFL would come up with a statement like this) And just because the pheasant slept the night before in a pen I wouldn't badmouth preserve hunting. Consider it the same as fishing for hatchery raised trout.;)
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    Not saying that pen raised birds or hookers don't have their place. ;)
  9. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    The best "blast and cast" is the one that comes up next week.
    Grouse opener in the Okanogan mountains and fly fishing the Methow river for the wild cuts.
    A great time will be had even if I don't kill or catch anything.
    In the old days it was pheasants in the Quincy area, then Rocky Ford creek for hog trout in the afternoon.
    Beautiful sunsets on the way home.
    The pheasant in the Quincy area are few and far the last couple of years
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    A good local one is Duck hunting the Yakima at first light and then fishing the fall baetis hatch in the afternoon.

    Another one is Montana in the October and hunting Hungarian Partridge over pointing dogs in cut wheat and then throwing flies on the Madison.

    Lastly I'd love to do a sea duck & SRC cast and blast. Hunt harlequin ducks in the morning and chase sea run cutts after a shore lunch of cheeses, smoked meats, fresh bread & a local IPA.
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    when I was in the usaf in calif I worked the weekends at a game farm my pay was being able to work my dog after all the drunk sureshots missed their birdsand they made it into the cane breaks. Now pen raised he was but if he survived a few days from people and coyotes ,hawks etc. he was as wiley as any wild born bird .