best "click" on a disk drag reel?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by doublespey, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. I normally fish Hardy reels, but decided I want a disk drag on a short/light spey rod in my collection. I've tried the Lamsons and Redingtons - what others have you guys found that have an appealing outgoing click??


  2. you want loud and coarse like a trad or silky z-z-z-z-z-z- like a high-dollar domestic reel?
  3. I was just going to post a similar question. I like disc drag reels and I also would rather have it click than be silent. I am in the market for a few new reels and those are a few of my criteria.

    One reel that has lasted me for a long time is my Tioga. Any higher ends? Thanks,
  4. hatch. the 7plus does well for both two handed sticks up to 7 and singles up to 8.
    van staal cvex 7/8. same deal.
    danielsson 6nine. same deal but with a quieter outgoing.
  5. Loudest I can get. :) Most of the disk drags have a very silky purr of a drag - I'd prefer something a bit more raucous.
  6. loop classic 7/9. we'll all know when youre on.
  7. Man all those look awesome. 250 to 350 is more my price range. Any midrange?
  8. they may be a tad out of the price range but Spey Company reels are supposed to scream like a horror flick heroine :thumb:.
  9. I fish a Ross CLA and while is doesn't have the low guttoral scream of a click pawl reel it is pretty noisy. In the 230-270 range they're very reasonable for the quality
  10. I don't know why in the hell Brian wants a noisier reel, he yells loud enough when he hooks up!

  11. [​IMG]some fish can make quiet reel ...
  12. others couldn't make a reel sing if you chased them down the river. A few of the hatchery summer runs I've caught this summer have been absolute duds. Makes you feel even less guilt in bludgeoning them on the head I suppose.
  13. HOLY $HIT :eek:

    Best youtube video yet.
  14. Sorry Leland - I only yelled because I thought you might like to see what an adipose looks like. :clown:
  15. If you ever see me on the river please yell if you get a fish also. Ha, I want to see what a Steelhead looks like.
  16. :rofl:
  17. jezzus who freaking cares what the reel sounds like if you get a head on be happy you got head
  18. No doubt Kerry, but considering how few fish we catch we may as well enjoy our gear. I have always had reels that click, so when I have used reels that dont I have felt like there was something wrong with the reel, like the spool wasnt all the way in or something. Just what Im used to.
  19. Stick with the click!
  20. The fine tuned high pitch of a modern machined reel is music to the ears but there is something to the low raw guteral sound of say an old Pflueger reel on the defensive that gets the adrenalin going.

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