Best electric pump for inflatables?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by teerex, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Hi there,
    Seeking some advise. I know that a K-Pump, Carlisle, or Kwik pump is best for topping off, but can anyone recommend a good electric pump that connects to your car battery - for the initial pump? (I was gonna type "the initial blow...", but that's another forum).

    I've researched a bit and found one on the NRS website under 100 bucks. Is that the best I can do to take the one year warranty and run? This will be for inflating a rolled up rafts or pontoons not too too frequently, maybe every other weekend-ish, much more often in the summer.
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    Use this to blow up my 14' x 22" cat tubes; takes 3 minutes per tube. I ran the pump in 9 minute cycles (to prevent overheating) for a total of 54 minutes before it lost its charge. That's with the P107 battery. It won't fill the boat "drum tight", I top off with the K-Pump.
    The batteries recharge quickly and the high pressure side quickly tops off my trailer tires at 50 psi. The other tools in the system are great, as well. I have the grass trimmer, 1/2" impact driver, 4" angle grinder, blower and will get the 1/2" drill as soon as my last POS Craftsman battery gives up.
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    I use the LVM 12V pump.
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    I just use one of the small coleman pumps that are used for air mattresses. It plugs into the power jack in my car and will pump up my 12' tubes in a few minutes.
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    Thanks for the all the info. I have some pretty fat tubes on my new-to-me cataraft, 16', 24" diameter, and my inflatable canoe/kayak is smaller, but I do borrow the occasional 14' to 15' raft as well. In the heat I tend to float in, I deflate quite a bit, to avoid the only takes one to learn that lesson.

    Wow, that Ryobi might be the ticket, since I have a couple of batteries already for the one+ system, including a Lithium one. 3 year warranty, auto shut-off seems pretty dope to me. Looks like I'll need to cool/cycle no matter what I pump with; only 4 chambers on the cat, so that helps a bit.
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    LVM is the only way to go, if you are blowing up more than one raft or craft at a time on a frequent basis you will burn the motor out of LVM's though. Then you will want the slower blowing pumps that don't get quite as hot. If you just do one or two boats at a time less than once a week, get the LVM. Also make sure that you pump your boat with the valves open then close them when you are ready to top off. This makes your pump work much less during most of the inflating and will add time to the life of your unit.
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    Don't get the NRS Pump spend the extra 30 bucks for the LVM. The motor is wrapped better and with heavier gauge wraps, the magnets are also secured in a small frame with locks rather than just simple glue. The NRS pump and the LVM are going to work the same, the difference is how long they last. As a raft guide and having worked with rafts for a long time I can tell you that there is a difference between these pumps, although it might take you a longer time to find out than someone using it on a daily basis.