Best Fish of 06

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by easymends, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. I know we still have a couple weeks but all this rain isn't going to help.

    What's your best fish of 06?

    Metolius Bow on a Golden Stone Nymph

  2. You win:) Beautiful fish. I don't know how to put pictures into posts...I'm a little Amish...but my most memorable fish is in my gallery titled "pleasant surprise." It was a very nice wild rainbow also, but not as nice as yours.
  3. This chinook I caught swinging in early fall was the biggest salmon I've landed on a fly rod. Part of a very memorable day.

  4. 5'4" + Long arm just makes it look big :rolleyes:
  5. Easymends that is a huge rainbow for the met. How big is that thing? The long arm throws me off. Nice!
  6. It was this very fish that got me to the store to buy a tape measure. Never carried one until now. It's now always in the mesh pocket on my G3's.
  7. Regardless, that's a trophy met fish.
  8. Best fish of '06 was a 38" by 18" buck steelhead, math says about 17 lbs. sounds right to me. Got him back in the h2o real quick so no grip and grin. A great fish on a beautiful crisp, sunny day.

    That met fish looks about 22"-23" maybe 4-5 lbs. good looking wild 'bow, nicely done. Most people's hands are about 4" wide and that fish is a little over 5 hands wide far as I can tell from the picture. Holding the fish out is one way to make the fish look big.
  9. I think mine was a 17" SRC. Wasn't the biggest buy far, wasn't even the biggest SRC, but it sure was pretty. Sorry, don't have a picture I didn't even want to take the time because it was that pretty.

  10. I still can't get over the size of that rainbow... that's an amazing fish for that river!
  11. My 2nd biggest steelhead this year and easily the most chrome-

    I didnt get the camera to my best trout of the year, a 26 inch native bow caught on the 2nd to last day of the season on an oct. caddis fished in the film. What a fight!
  12. Nice Estuary king...later than most, chums all over the place, this honey came outta nowhere and hammered me.

    Probably mid-high 30's. No tape, but Big enough that I couldn't longarm it.
  13. This was my biggest:


    And this was the one I worked hardest for:


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  14. Nice fish Andy.
  15. Bear River Cutt caught in september.


    No need to long arm this one :)
  16. sissy fish!
  17. from the same lake as luckybalbowas but like 8 times bigger
  18. good GOD IBN. considering your small stature, thats a toader. same with you Andy...its game on Todd! Brendan, youre just cheating...all my pics are up, but heres the lady's fish of the year.
  19. Zen, I thought they were all boots over there. That fish is bright.
  20. Not so cup, this fish was caught 500 miles from the salt!

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