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  1. 2 fish for me, no pics thought. First was the first fish I caught on a nymph on the Cedar (no big deal for most of you but it was for me). Second was a 15 inch cuttie I caught on the South Fork of the Snoqualmie. Why I never took a picture of that one I do not know.

  2. I caught this LM bass in front of my mom's house on Phantom Lake Bellevue. I was trolling around the lake when my kids yell to me "Daddy, Daddy there is a huge fish right in front of the bank..come see it!". So I paddle back in way around where they said it was, not to scare it and get on the bank and can see right away that this thing is big. Having never done ANY bass fishing, I cast three different dry flies and no takes. It did inspect them though. So I tie on a bhpt and cast up it's line of sight and retrieve with a jerky four inch retrieval pattern and WHAMMO. This bastard was really strong. I couldn't believe it. All while my little kids watched. it measured 20 inches and I'm guessing was about four pounds - correct me if that weight sounds off. Released it and went back up to the deck for seconds on Sunday brunch.
  3. Now, This thread Is thing COOL. I wish I had some pictures here.
  4. I can't find the photo CD with a Big Sauk Buck caught in begining of the year that went about 18lbs, but I consider that a '05 winter fish anyways.

    But here's a couple...

    Wild Summer Buck.

    But by far the sweetest fish...
  5. 'yard' i think that brown is by far the sweetest fish of the year period in the gallery
  6. Not my fish, but the best fish of the year was this trout caught in Missouri (shhh there are no trout in Missouri!) by my brother. I was teacher on his close to first fly fishing trip. He had not caught a fish in two days. Being an older brother it is hard to know how much to coach. We came around a long slow bend to a riffle and I saw this fish sitting between two large rocks. He, for the life of him, could not see the fish. I told him to change from a small bead head to a big woolly bugger. Here is the result! I was as happy as he was! He now has the bug! We don't know how big this one was, because it went back quickly, but Bob, my brother is 6'6". His forearm is 26 " long from finger tips to elbow.

  7. While not the biggest fish of the year, this E. Wa cutt was my favorite. A beautiful warm fall day, small clear pool, October caddis dancing in the late afternoon sun, line screaming off the reel...I won't forget this one for a long time.


  8. Agreed. That is one of the sweetest browns ...
  9. Jeeezzzzuuusss woman... that's a big cutt!
  10. Here's my Corbett Lake Rainbow. Nice of Peter McVey to make these possible.
  11. This one would have to be my best fish of the year, it doesn't even come close in size to my biggest of the year, but was probably the best looking trout that I have ever caught. Beyond that it was a greenback cutthroat which were once thought to be extinct and was caught above 9000' in the rockies which added to the experience.

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  12. Here are a couple fish from Alaska. My rainbow from the Feeding Trough, My Dads Rainbow and a big ass king. The king was not caught on a fly but it is worth taking a look at. Best part is the King was released!!!:)

    Alaska is pretty much cheating...
  13. Yard, That Brown and Ritari's Brown are the two best by far of the year !!
  14. One of my first steelhead, wild summer run

    <IMG SRC="" ALT="Summer Run">
  15. My best fish of the year wasn't caught by me, but by my 11yr. old son. He is just starting to fly fish (only been out a couple of times) and his first fish on a fly was a nice 18" rainbow at Lone Lake. Unfortunatly I didn't have the camera. I'm not sure who was more excited, him or me.
  16. I'm with you, Gig. My best fish was far from the biggest, but was my first Golden trout from high in the Rockies a 2 1/2 day hike from the road.
  17. 2 nice browns at Pass in same weekend - early Dec. (finally...fished there entire Fall and hit lots of rainbows but no browns till these...began to think it was a load of crap that this place had any browns...not any more). Was bummed not to have pics until I saw 'Yard's monster....that's fish of the year plus you got a great photo...frame it dude...:thumb:
  18. 'Yard, that brown is AWESOME!!:thumb:
  19. Hey Jason, was that Cedar bow caught on a big 'n ugly streamer on the swing or a stonefly nymph?

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