Best fishing dog breed?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by RogueBum, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. RogueBum

    RogueBum Spey casting for Steelies year round

    Due to pretty sad circumstances related to my Husky, I will soon be in the market for a new dog. I would love to have a dog that can be my fishing buddy. Which breed do you think will be great with kids while still be an excellent fishing buddy?

    Should I even be looking for a pure breed or maybe a mutt would be better balanced as far as temperament goes?
  2. Yard Sale

    Yard Sale Active Member

    Can't go wrong with a spaniel. Great water dog without the lab intensity.

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  3. jake-e-boy

    jake-e-boy No mas

    blue heeler/cattle dog mix, loyal to the end, rescue would be a good idea
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  4. SteveA

    SteveA Gnu to the board

    I've had a red-heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) mix for 6 years. Great fishing dog. Absolutely loyal and loves the water. Also very smart and if I tell him to stay out of the water he will. Can't get too far away though because he gets nervous if he can't smell or hear me.

    Negatives (ALL dogs, like people, have them) include extensive shedding (get a quality brush and use it), a dominant nature that requires a more dominant master (not really a negative but need to be aware), and he's a hunter meaning if he catches that squirrel he loves to chase, he knows exactly what to do with it...CHEW TOY!

    Rescue has always been my preference.
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  5. sleestak240

    sleestak240 Active Member

    I'm pleased to see all the support for cattle dog mixes. My German Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix is an excellent fishing companion. Very easy going, quick to learn, excited to be outside, friendly, quiet, and extremely loyal. He likes the water, but doesn't try to frolic randomly in it.

    I found him on the banks of the Thompson River in B.C. in late November looking pretty pathetic...legs were torn up from something, nails were smashed into his paw, ribs were showing, no collar, and not neutered. I confirmed with locals that he was a stray/pack dog and took him home and got him cleaned up. Three years later and he's turned out to be an awesome dog.
  6. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    I have had a variety of dogs over the years from hounds to herders, to retrievers to my current dog, a Newfoundland. Every one of them has been a good 'fishing dog'. I don't think the breed matters much. It is the training that will make the dog a good fishing dog.
  7. Jamie Wilson

    Jamie Wilson Active Member

    so true
  8. CLO

    CLO Boats and cohos

    Hot dogs
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  9. Troutrageous

    Troutrageous Active Member

    I'm no expert on the breed in general, but Blake's Springer Spaniel, Otto, is as good a fishing dog as I could imagine. Content laying around on shore or on a boat when need be, but Otto will trek up and down the river all day if we're on the move. And I'm pretty sure they are really good with kids.
  10. SteveA

    SteveA Gnu to the board

    I've got to disagree and would make the point that when considering a dog, it's all about the breed if you are looking for specific characteristics. Case in point; I had an english pointer for many years. I tried fishing with him but it just became too much work. Pointers are bred to go afield to flush out prey. He would go far afield and more than once get himself in trouble. I don't believe that characteristic could be trained out of him. It was the result of generations of breeding. I could not recommend a pointer as an outdoor companion unless it's bird hunting you have in mind.
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  11. freestoneangler

    freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

    Sorry to hear about your Husky. Based on my observations, it seems there are many breeds that can be great fishing companions. I think as much has to do with how the dog is trained as which particular breed it is. That said, a lab has to be at the top of the list.
  12. Rob Allen

    Rob Allen Active Member

    yellow lab
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  13. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    and a Newfoundland instincts tell him to rescue people in the water. Mine even dove after some scuba divers off Sunset Beach in an attempt to rescue them. When he surfaced I called him to shore and gave the command to stay; he did. There are exceptions to everything but a well trained dog is a well trained dog.
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  14. Blake Harmon

    Blake Harmon Active Member

    Im always gonna be biased toward springers of course... But I dont think the breed matters much either. I think the most important factors are getting those basic commands down early. And fishing a lot in your dogs first year and a half. Spending 30+ days on the water in the first year. Will make your dog a great fishing companion for many many years. I would also say that a dog is a long term companion, and even tho rescuing is a very noble deed you can eliminate some potential negative factors by raising your dog from a pup. And thats not to say a rescue cant be great, just pointing out that training one might be more difficult because of some already learned behaviors.
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  15. RogueBum

    RogueBum Spey casting for Steelies year round

    I've been told by a number of friends to go for Goldens, but I think they may be a bit larger for my blood. I'm thinking somewhere around the 30-50lbs range. Otto looks like a fisherman's dream!

    My Husky was a rescue. When she was about 1 1/2yrs or so, we found her living on a 20' cable tied off to a fence, sleeping under a broken down truck in the rain. She belonged to a friend of a friend who "didn't have the time to train her". As soon as we took her home and got her to a vet, we were told she was malnourished at only 25lbs. He asked us how long we had owned her. When we told him we had just picked her up the day before, he got a smile on his face and shook our hands. He said that if we had been the original owners, he would have turned us in for abuse.

    She's turned into a great family dog and she is wonderful with our girls (2 & 3yrs old at the time, 9 & 10yrs old now), but I have the sneaking suspicion that if I were to take her fishing, she would wander into vast wilderness never to be seen or heard from again. I've heard that it's a peculiarity of the species... they like to wander.
  16. Jason Chadick

    Jason Chadick A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy, Oh...

    I'm with Kerry, any dog with an athletic type build will make a good fishing dog. I've had a Catahoula that I picked up at a rescue in Montana for a few years now. They're notorious game chasers, but I usually don't fish places where that's going to really get him into trouble, because I like bringing him along. A dog should be able to go chase some critters while you're chasing fish. And his antics have turned into some of my favorite fishing memories.

    If you're thinking in the 30-50 range, I think that's the criteria for a fishing companion. Dogs are rad.
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  17. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    I had springer spaniels for years & they were great all around bird & family dogs. as fishing dogs they were okay but they like the water & can be pain when they decide it's swimming time.
  18. RogueBum

    RogueBum Spey casting for Steelies year round

    I had a springer spaniel years ago (20+) and I couldn't get her to stay out of any water we were near. I think as a fishing dog, I would have to figure some way to fish and throw a stick in the opposite direction of the water at the same time. Great dog with kids and one of the best temperaments I have seen to date.
  19. Travis Bille

    Travis Bille Active Member

    I have a Brittany spaniel who is a great fishing buddy. She won't swim, she'll only wade, so she doesn't disturb the water. She's a good boat dog too.
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  20. Newfoundlands are great fishing breeds. Not big or fast runners and your own personal life guard!

    Kerry S, my buddy lost Buttons to bone cancer last winter but now has Boomer, 5 months old / 70 lbs. w/ yellow eyes. Looking forward to fishing / camping with the "little boy". How is Kuma doing?

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