Best fishing dog breed?

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  1. My 52 pound lab (Georgia) was an intentionally chosen runt. She has fished with me for ten years. She never gets in my water, she loves fishing with multiple people (team sport!), she points at risers on the rare days I fish for trout vs. steelhead. One thing no one has mentioned is the need for a dog to be willing to cross the water; labs are strong enough swimmers and will follow when trained correctly. When I am fishing the NF Stilly or Upper Sky she always follows me across the river when I need to cross, which is a dog requirement for me. She has two flaws as a fishing dog: 1) she likes to be "involved" in landing fish, although that's never cost me landing something great and 2) she lets me know (barks) when someone else walks on the bank near me, which sometimes scares people.

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  2. Love my Mastiff, but there are probably breeds more suited to fishing.

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  3. I'm with Yardsale. Hard to beat one of these.

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  4. Great shot Albula! It looks like they're just kinda hanging out together. Nice.
  5. I have a husky and it hate fishing
  6. aplTyler & Travis Bille,

    Notice that the two of you have Brittany spaniels. I've had Golden Retrievers in the past and found them incredibly easy to train, and they made good, easy going, family dogs. (Impossible to keep out of the water while fishing, however.) Since any dog I have will live in the house, I've been thinking of a smaller breed like a Brittany. My main concern is how hyper a Brittany might be, but compared to retrievers, most breeds might seem hyper. What is your Brittany experience in this regard?

  7. Yeah, my girl won't touch the water. She acts like its the worst thing out there. Baby.
  8. Salmo,

    Not much personal experience with Brittanys but a friend had a French Brittany. Great little hunting dog. I hunted chukars and pheasants over her and she was a pleasure to hunt with, very instinctive dog. She was a busy dog. My friend always said she had a lot to get done. While awake the dog was in perpetual motion. One trip we made was to the Ronde. A combined fishing and hunting trip. The little Brittany did great while we were fishing, a good hunter and was good in camp.
  9. I'm about to white fang this dog.
  10. Best fishing dog breed you ask?? I've had a brittany and springer, black labs, and a golden retriever, a brute of a chesy and a siberian husky and not one of them could fish worth a tinkers damn. So no help, sorry.

    Seriously, I'd have to say my golden was my best friend, low key, mellow, go everywhere dog.

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  11. I've had setters, labs, goldens, and now have a WGSP wirehair german shorthair pointer, who is smart as a whip and the sweetest male I've ever owned.

    I've also owned a Chessie. Mine too, was a "brute." He was 120 lbs of attitude and loyalty. He'd bust ice to make a retrieve, and brought two shot-but-still-alive geese to hand at the same time more than once. Great dog for the water if your craft can accommodate one, and no one will ever get into your vehicle or reach into your boat when a Chessie's on the job. These dog, however, are not for the inexperienced dog owner. They need a lot of training and socialization from an early age in order to become a good canine citizen. I will be getting another one at some time in the future. Love the breed.
  12. Yup. I had my chessie back in the mid 80's when I lived in SE Alaska. I went into a store on day and left her in the cab of my truck with window fully open. She would just sit on the driver side with one paw on tip of the wheel. When I came out a few minutes later, I found a trooper standing at my truck. Seems somebody had called in a report of a bear in a vehicle.

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  13. My Chessie's name was Mack, as in Mack Truck. My kids alternated between calling him Mack, The Bear, and The Griz. He was all that and more. My son still holds Mack in the highest esteem because one time when the police came to question him - about something he had no knowledge of - and they simply walked into the house, Mack bit one of the cops on the ass. Seems Mack understood warrantless search and seizure w/o probable cause better than they did.
  14. One of those "smart" dogs, huh? Biting a cop's butt... sounds like he was after some ham! :eek: :rolleyes:

    That's bad. I shouldn't have said that.
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  15. rescues are the best.
  16. I also like a dog that tries to listen for fish.
  17. I'm running with a pomerainan devil dog,great companion dog,don't swim much & runs at the sight of guns. That said he's got the best personality of any dog I've ever had & don't eat much !
  18. Definatly a Queensland Heeler! Best companion ever, he would even jump of cliffs in the river when I told him to heal. I believe he was part duck to, he would dive down and swim 6' under water to retrieve off the river bottom. After 11 years of crazy adventures with him I had to put him down do to a brain tumor, one of my worst days ever! Lots of great memories with the Mooks!
  19. Chocolate Labrador
  20. No competition --- LAB WINS HANDS DOWN----Although goldens are great dogs it's hard to find one these day's for under 1000 bones and the long hair is a mess. The smaller lab breeds are called "Otter tails" They are a smaller lab and have a shorter tail with shorter hair on them. They normally do not have the long "water line" back hair as the normal "american lab" I have an 80 pound male american lab now but my next lab will be the otter tail "euro lab" breed for it's smaller size. The Washougal area is known for great hunting breed labs with great hunting and field trial lines, That's were I got "HAMMERING HANKSTER" Great hunting lab with 3 amateur national champions, and one national champion for field trials in his blood line and many master hunters and even best in state of Washington field trial blood lines.

    Smartest dog I have ever trained. sit whistle from 200 yards away for hand signals to down birds is not easy to teach a stupid dog! Besides my great grandfather - grandfather - father - brothers - and myself have all had labs! So i'm kinda bias i guess!!!

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