Best "fishporn" lense for DSLR?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by jcalderon, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. jcalderon

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    What is your go-to lens for hero shots? I am not necessarily talking about making the fish look bigger, but rather capturing the whole setting, fish, river, perhaps boats in the background etc. I am just starting to read up on the different lenses and functions, and it really has my gears turning.

    feel free to post pics shamelessly.

  2. KerryS

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    My general purpose, walk around lens is an 18 to 200 zoom. This lens covers about 90% of the "snap" shots I might make during a day fishing. Another wide range zoom that I think might be a good general purpose lens would be the Tamron AF18-270mm. Around $600 at Amazon. It has the widest zoom range on the market and can be used as a macro lens also. Very versatile.
  3. NomDeTrout

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    Jesse, I've found that a nice fixed lens with 1.4 or 1.8 aperture does a great job and creating nice photos where the focus is on the fish and everything behind is blurred. Also great for low light settings. If you want something to get the entire setting, I've used some ultra wide angle lens's that really captures the surrounding areas.
  4. Chad Lewis

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    I like an 18-70 for general shooting. IMO a large zoom is extra weight and expense to carry around if what you're doing is close-ups of fish and fishermen. I'd agree with NomDeTrout about getting some fast glass. Although they're more expensive lenses, you'll lose fewer shots due to low light conditions. And recreating that shot with a 20 pound steelhead is easier said than done....
  5. edgerat

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    Full-frame or digital? Full frame I use my ultra fast 50mm 1.2 as it cannot be beat for speed and weight. Digital I would use an 85mm 1.8, you want speed and don't need reach so the smaller primes are going to be the ticket.
  6. Denny

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    What brand is your 18-200? About how much would a lens like that cost? I have digital Canon SLR . . .
  7. k2flyfisher

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    if you can justify spending the almost 1K on this one lens, then the nikon 10-24 wide angle zoom ( would be the ultimate lens in my book for up close hero shots. combined with the d5000's adjustable display, getting those low angle up close shots that not only get the fish but everything else around it becomes an easy task. right now ive got the 18-200mm and the fixed 1.8 35mm for low light pictures. that combo works really well and covers pretty much everything.
  8. g_smolt

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    I like fisheye lenses for low-angle, wraparound shots - something about that perspective makes it seem more "in the moment", kind of how your eye sees the situation in real time.

    I put up some pics on another thread, so instead of reposting those, if you wanna see 'em go Here.

    Here's a shot or two from a d-5000 w/ a Tokina AT-X 107 DX taken by k2 this winter...autofocus is a beautiful thing, but the d5000 body doesn't have it - it uses quietdrive lenses. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell B about that for the 2nd pic.


  9. yuhina

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    Agree what others have said! Wide angle lens is my choice too. Not only good for single out the trophy, but also include a lot of epic surroundings... Spring leafs under wide angle lens... The 35/1.8G is the "must have" lens too!
    Nikon 10.5mm f2.8

    Sigma 10mm f2.8
  10. Ben Guss

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    how about a fisheye :)