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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Daryle Holmstrom, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Got Randy Knapp's pattern today, what a fish catching pattern this is. Will post it up on the Best fly swap gallery tommorrow. Right now the table is being used to tie my leech flies. Might have to get the dust buster out to satisfy the wife with feathers blowing everywhere. LOL

    Once it's posted Randy be sure to add the recipe unless you want to keep it top secret.

  2. Got yours today Don-sweet tie, see the swap gallery.

  3. Added the tying instructions to the pic in the gallery.

  4. Got to see Randy and Don's flies in the gallery. Simply awesome.
  5. I am working on mine. I have half of them done now. I am a bit slow:beathead: . I have decided on gray wulffs with moose mane tail and wings. I hope to have them off by the weekend.

  6. Currently working on my version of the six-pack and also a little nymph that I like, as a little extra.
  7. Hi Daryle:

    This is really cool I would like to join in but realized it has been closed.

    Thanks Anyway :) !!!!,

  8. I have never done a fly swap before. I want to, but don't know if I can. I am busier than hell these days, any consequences for dropping out?
  9. I know that the swap is closed, but i was asking the question in general.
  10. Flogging...Drawn and know all the same things that were IN at the begining of the 19th century. I mean, those techniques used by the "civilized" parts of the world at the early part of the 19th century.

    Excuse me,,,I have been reading Barry Lopez and Zinn of late...

  11. NEVERMIND... I guess i skipped over the directions where it said how many to tie. Then i reread after i posted this.

    so how many flies am i supposed to tie. Is it one per person or two?
  12. I would like in on that, but can someone tell me how we distribute these?
  13. Already closed earl.

  14. The bugs are in the mail.
  15. Got yours today Trevor, will try to get photos online tonight.

  16. Trevors fly posted in the swap gallery.

  17. Just a reminder guys only three in so far and April 15th is not to far away.:) What one frog said to the other frog (time is fun when you're having flies).:)

  18. I'm embarassed to say that my well-intentioned hopper plans have fallen through because I am too ashamed of my ties to give them to anyone else, let alone to a fish! I hope there are no objections to me switching to my favorite caddis nymph. I'm even inclined to tie it in two sizes to make it up to everyone.
  19. No problemiagree
  20. I have completed my wooley buggers. Should get them in the mail this week.

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