BEST gas kicker motor under $1000.00 for Clack?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Peter Pancho, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Hello, was wondering if you guys can save me some looking time and know what is the best gas kicker motor under 1000.00 for my Clack? Thanks!


    Mark 12:30-31
  2. I know you want under $1k. But if you can, spend a bit more and go with a Yamaha 8HT. You will NOT be disappointed. I want one so bad for my DB. But am still stuck using my old Evinrude 9.9's. LOL. My Dad has the 8HT (which you'd need a battery for as well to run all the options on it) and I fell in love with it. So smooth, eats almost no gas, has the same, if not more, power then my 9.9. Just an all around great motor.

    Guess the next question is. What did you plan to do with motor, and does it have to be a gas? Can you get by with an electric? Know alot of guys running electrics (heavy thrust models) with alot of success. Even slowly pushing them back upstream on rivers. But plenty of choices out there. If you can find a used Yamaha, I'd jump on it. But you will be able to find lots of used kickers under that range. And you'll find LOTS of people who'll endorse about every motor out there. But I've had good success with Evinrude, Yamaha, Briggs&Stratton, and a suzuki. Only real bad motor(s) I ever had were Mercury. And that was for just me. But from what I've heard (these motors I had were OLD), that alot of the new Merc's have Yamaha powerheads in them.
  3. I have a late '80s Honda 8HP for my sailboat and it is a great engine. The same engine is still in production if that tells you anything. You might find a used one for around 1100-1200. 1000 or less would be a good deal. New is about 1800. Whatever you do- if you go gas, buy a four stroke. they are a little more expensive and slightly heavier for their power but they are more dependable, efficient, quieter, not as stinky and they don't pollute nearly as much. With a standard two stroke, every four gallons you burn, you are essentially pouring one gallon straight into the water- yuk! They will be outlawed soon.

  4. Before some meth junky ripped it off, I had a 4 stroke 6 hp long shaft Tohatsu on a sailboat. Real nice little motor. Goes about $1000 new. Tohatsu used to be Nissan.
  5. I'll be mainly using it for big rivers like the Skagit,Hoh,etc. so I don't have to wait on long 1 mile stretches of zero fishing access and maybe going back up the river a little to fish a certain slot again,etc.
    I had my eye on electric motors but heard that the batteries wouldn't last very long if used on a normal basis. I was thinking gas due to more power and longer running time. Won't be getting one for at least a couple months, just planning ahead. Thanks for the info!

    Peter ><>

    PS: Jerry, that gear I found at my new house, the original owner came back and got his Loomis blank,etc, oh well at least he was a good enough to not leave his passion behind.

    Mark 12:30-31
  6. No problem. I understand about the gear.

    Actually, with some of the batteries, you'll be fine. One friend of mine is running a high thrust electric and I think an Optima battery. He's been using it for a year now. And he boondogs with it (so the battery is being used hard ALL day). So far, he's never had a low battery, even after 6 hours of straight usage on it.

    I'd be VERY wary about hitting the westside OP rivers with ANY sort of motor on the boat. Even a kicker. They don't care for them there, and have seen rigs left behind "marked up" when owners returned. Especially those who had the "nerve" to use a sled (was on lower Hoh). Just an FYI.
  7. A few months back I was at a friends house and his brother was there asking me if I knew anyone looking for a yamaha kicker?? I have no clue what it was but he said some guy owed him money for over a year and he never got paid so the guy gave him this motor as payment instead???? Supposedly it was like new and he only wanted what the guy owed him which was 400 or 500 bucks??? I will call my buddy and get his brothers number and try to find out more info for you??

    ~Patrick ><>

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  8. Thanks for all the help guys, I think I'm gonna go with a Minn Kota Maxxum kicker, read they are really strong and last along time. So if anyone knows of one mainly a 65 or so thrust, I'm interested. Thanks!

    Hey Patrick, someday "we all" have to go out sometime on my boat or whomevers and have a Steelhead of a time, pending new land,house,baby,work status. Thanks

    Peter ><>

    Mark 12:30-31

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