Best Hand Gun to carry while Fly Fishing... Chest holster.

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  1. It was one of the first I looked at when I started my search. It sucks for a field gun. It's freakin' huge! It's freakin' inaccurate. 2 arms lenghts away, it's probably fine, but out at 10 yards or farther it's pretty bad. But seriously check one out if you are interested. Really big gun. With the accuracy issues it's like the worlds biggest derringer. Big gun... I like the Taurus autos. But this gun is all hat and no cattle IMO
  2. Most altercations that you'd be using a defense pistol for are going to take place inside of 15 yards. It's accuracy certainly isn't match grade, but how accurate do you have to be with 00 buckshot? You are right about it's size. It's not a gun to carry concealed. You'd want to wear this one proudly on your hip.
  3. what does a 410 hold? 3 balls? I want some accuracy. And having shot this gun I can tell you, it's not a 15 yd gun. It's a 3 yd gun. But my complaint isn't with the gun as a self defense weapon. I can think of much better ones, but my problem is with it as a field gun. Remember this post is asking about a good gun to take into the field for use against animal attacks. Now you can argue all day if that is necessary or not. I personally don't think it's necessary, and only really worry about 2 legged scum suckers, but of course I want smaller, but I also want a gun that is reasonably accurate out beyond 15 yds. This one isn't. thick fornt sight. grooved receiver for the rear sight. And the bullet flies free in the cylinder for a ways before hitting the barrel, which is only lightly rifled to work with the .410. Not a great gun in any way. Fun concept. Fun "novelty" gun to shoot off on some BLM land at water jugs. But not a particularly useful firearm.
  4. Okay...I fold...All I got is a pair of deuces.
  5. Not trying to win anything. Just suggesting you go to a range and shoot the gun like I did before recommending it. At one range when I asked to shoot it the guy said "Oh yeah. The Max Payne gun..." Apparently the gun was in that movie (never saw it) and a lot of folks buy one because it rained down holy heck in the film. In real life not so much. Just like flipping over a couch and ducking behind it in makes a great bullet proof obstruction in movies. I'm surprised we don't see more reports of "found dead behind a flipped over couch, both the couch and the victim were riddled with bullets" :clown:
  6. I am planning to shoot the following:
    Ruger Super Red Hawk 44mag
    Springfield XD 45cal
    Glock 22 40cal (was recommended by a policeman)
    S&W 357mag Revolver
  7. Make sure you fire a 10mm glock. as well. The 40 cal was pretty much invented because women and smaller male (They say it was mostly a hand size thing. Pick up a 15 round Glock 20 and you'll see :clown:) FBI agents couldn't handle the 10mm. Either it's a .40 cal magnum, or the .40 cal is a 10mm short depending on your perspective. Either way you look at it, the 10mm is a more powerful round in the same diameter. Only pointing this out because if you're already planning on shooting the 44, I figure you can handle the 10mm.
  8. A 10mm recoil isn't that bad. I'd say a little less than a .357 and has about the same energy. The grips are big though. A bit big for my hands.
    I'm a fan of double action revolvers for their inherent safety (heavy triggers/transfer bars) and reliability with less moving parts.

    As for charging elk. I've been charged by a cow elk on a trail at the Hoh. Lots of noise got her to turn around, but she came out of nowhere, FAST! and charged several times until enough people had arrived at the same part of the trail and we all banged sticks together and shouted.
    I think it would have been a bad idea to shoot her and really not necessary, but there are other reason to carry a pistol in the woods.
  9. I feel you, I know about women who get pissed off... nothing more dangerous.
  10. Well if YOU are really serious about big critters just get a .50 cal desert Eagle and strap it on your chest. If it is a revover then go to the .454 Casul and just get it over with! Forget about all this .40 cal BS and just go to the top of the line.

  11. Have shot several Desert Eagles... and have also shot the Alaskan Guide Bear Gun from Cabelas... both are 50 cal... don't think that is what I am looking for. I have debated about lenght of barrel though. I have been told you will have more force on impact with a longer barrel. I don't need, or want to conceal the weapon, I just need to wear it on my chest to keep it out of the water. That is why I have been looking at a tactical. It has a longer barrel, and according to people who have shot the weapon, has a larger grip. I have very big hands and will need a larger grip to fit.
  12. Super red hawk Alaskan coach! I know you dont like to be told what to buy, but when you select it, I WILL say I told you so. You have giant hands, and the grip on the SRA is massive. You are just not a tactical guy coach. Also, another thing to consider is revolvers are better (as I understand it) at loading snake shot. I really believe this is the most prevalent danger to river fisherman. Years ago I was told by a handgun expert not to shoot shot shells in an auto pistol.
  13. Pertaining to the original post... IMO, you will not be lead astray if you purchase a 44mag revolver or a .45 XD for what you want. Sounds like you have the go ahead to purchase one, so I say pull the trigger (pun intended) on a new handgun purchase.

    You might also want to look at .357 revolvers. A 4" .357 is considered a classic by many as one of the most versatile handguns available. Manageable recoil, reliable, cheap(er) target practice with .38spl and can load it hot with .357 mag ammo

    The XD will probably be lighter weight due to the polymer frame, and also have more rounds capacity. You said weight isn't an issue, but more weight will lead to more fatigue on long days of fishing, and if its uncomfortable then you are less likely to take it with you.
  14. Thanks El Jeffe, we need to go shoot some guns. Woods you make a great point, being uncomfortable wearing it because of weight may cause me to leave the weapon at home.... or in the car, thanks.
  15. and I have a 4" .357 for sale in the classifieds if you decide to go that route...just sayin'.
  16. XDs are great guns. But in my searching, which isn't concluded by any means, it's been pointed out to me that there are .22 conversion barrels for Glocks . Being able to burn 500 rounds for under $20, even with reduced recoil, from the same gun you're going to carry when it matters is a beautiful thing. Same thing with Sig 220 (45acp), 226, and 229. Again, I think the XDs are great, but centerfires are expensive to practice with. Since I'm not worried about wildlife, just A-holes, I'm likely going to end up with a 9mm. And the XD and Ruger sr9 are on the short list with Glock. I've fired all 3 and if you wouldn't be happy being handed any of them, you're out of my league.
  17. Much good debate and wisdom here. Although I carry a sidearm - Glock 45 cal or 10mm, or a Ruger 44 mag - when afield, I also always carry bear spray which I consider my first line of defense. In any number of videos I've seen the spray is the better choice.

    It's fast, widely dispersed, effective, and non-lethal. (My son and I dirt-dived it w/ an expired can and the stuff is horrible! Even in small doses) My sidearm is intended to be employed as backup or if, God forbid, some unwanted visitor gets into the tent at night, where bear spray would be unwise to release in such close-quarters.
  18. I talked to a local policeman about his choice and he recommended the Glock 22 40cal as his choice for the very same reason you have Philster. He switches his Glock 22 40cal to a 9mm barrel for shooting at the local range and also has the 40cal barrel for business when it counts. He told me that if I go that route to be sure to shoot the 40cal once in a while to make sure I was familiar with the different characteristics of the gun with a different ammo. The Glock is going to be a top contender here. Haven't shot a gun yet and I am beginning to narrow the field. I originally thought the officer was talking about a .22cal barrel, I called him about it and he said that I got confused. He was referring to the Glock 22 a 40cal gun and being able to switch it out to a cheaper 9mm round to take target practice with. I am interested to find if there is in face a .22 conversion for this gun.
  19. Apparently the 22 conversion kits are aftermarket kits by Advantage Arms. Check my "One for the Glock owners" thread. Unfortunately my thread got jumped on by the anti-gun folks, but there is good info buried in it from lots of folks who carry about the various options out there.
  20. Here's a Youtube vid on the conversions

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