Best Hand Gun to carry while Fly Fishing... Chest holster.

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  1. I use to carry a gun but have now switched to carrying a areosol can of starting fluid & a zippo. I find that the flame thrower technique is much more effective and the kill it & grill it concept leaves less evidence.
  2. Reminds me of something we use to do when I worked at Kragen Auto Supply in high school. We use to use a can or Berryman's B-12 with the red plastic nozzle extender and light off a flame thrower to kill the spiders up in the corners of the backroom -- good thing it was concrete construction...stuff we use to do and not think much about it :eek:
  3. Seven
  4. Did somebody mention 1911s?


    My problem is which one do I carry?

    I still like my wheel gun.
  5. i dont know much about guns but im getting a pistol grip short barrel for the bush, girlfriend insists - she is terrified of bears and cougars.I'll sling it over my shoulder on deep hikes, carry an extra barrel if im hunting. we aint allowed handguns up here. Mind you up here we have grizzly and big blacks in high populations. I cant recall a single story of bear or cougar or elk attacks in WA state while i lived there over 6 yrs. Any bears i saw were the size of dogs.

    just an interesting story, last year we were excavating for a new house and i found a colt m70 1911 semi auto handgun wrapped in a sock and plastic bag. fully loaded mag with one in the chamber. Fairly rusted out must have been there for years, I turned it in and the police carried it away.
  6. i seem to recall, a few people over the years who walked into the woods alone and were never seen again. makes ya wonder. i hunt alone, in the goat rocks, have had three encounters with cats, only saw one of them. the things that snow can tell ya, makes your childhood bad dreams come alive.
  7. If you have a firearm, the first shot can be used to hit near the dangerous animal and hopefully scare it off with the noise and proximity of the intentional miss. If that doesn't work, then at least you have a weapon more lethal than an air horn to protect yourself with. Having a pistol gives one more options if needed. I will have both bear spray and noise makers when traveling in bear country...but i will also have a 454 Casull on my hip as a last measure if needed...just for insurance and peace of mind.
  8. Those vampire calving elk pose a constant threat. I'd recommend one of those portable gatlin guns like in the movie Predator. My next elk defense gun will be a S and W 329PD in .44. That or the Talo exclusive .44 "Backpacker". I have owned plenty of sidearms but always left them in the truck because I didn't want to lug them around all day. Lot of good they did me there. Lucky for me I never stumbled into any elk defending their nesting grounds.
  9. Ruger KRH444... or its S&W counterpart. The 4" vs. 2.5" barrel makes a big difference; especially w/ P+ loads.
  10. I now carry a Glock 30 (.45 caliber) in a fanny pack with an integral holster. I went to Glock because corrosion isn't an issue. They aren't pretty, but they're accurate, rugged, and functional.

    As for stainless steel revolvers...I know a guy that carried one for years fishing and hunting. He kept it pretty clean so, on the outside, it looked damned good...but one day, when he decided to do a bit of plinking around camp, the thing wouldn't fire ....due to internal rust. His fault for not spraying the thing down.

    I like 1911's; Kimbers are gorgeous, but I'm not going to baby a working weapon that spends a lot of time getting damp. I have a enough crap to take care of when I return from a fishing trip, without adding gun cleaning.
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  11. My carry gun is a Smith and wesson 340. 357.! Super light and packs a punch. Check one out
  12. Mind sharing info on that waist pack with integrated holster?
  13. I believe it is one if the Galco Escort waistpacks. Any good range with a gunshop ought to have a number of waistpacks to choose from...I carry the weapon, a spare magazine, a Surefire flashlight, and spare batteries in it, and it's the small model. Holsters position is usually adjustable via heavy duty velcro straps.

    While my wife enjoys me being armed, she draws the line at me wearing the fanny pack in town...says I look like a doofus...calls it my 'chastity belt'....'cause I'm never gonna 'get lucky' wearing it. Normally I carry inside waistband the rest of the time...which is uncomfortable fishing or hiking around in the woods.
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  14. Thanks Krusty.

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