Best knot for straight eye steelhead hooks?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jim Kaiserman, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. I've started tying my steelhead flies with a heavy straight eyed hook I found. They've fished very well and I like them a lot. What do you use for a knot and do you think that a loop knot that allows the fly to move more freely would be best? Are they as strong as a trilene knot?

  2. FLGator

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    I recommend Lefty's non slip loop. Tied properly, it is a 100% knot that allows a lot of movement of the fly.
  3. Be Jofus G

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    You're probably trollin again, but any way. :confused: There are no loop knots that I know of with the same strength retention % as a trilene knot. I like to use loops for dead drifting nymphs. A rapala loop is a pretty sweet knot for that.
  4. Be Jofus G

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    iagree Another very sweet knot. I don't believe the 100% part though. ;)
  5. "Trolling Again"? Well hopefully that won't stay with me too long but i appreciate your knot comments. As you use these loop knots do you find that the fly hinges on your cast and the hook grabs another part of the leader much? It makes sense that a loop is the best way for the fly to impart more action. I'l give those a shot adn see what happens.

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    If you really want to know which knot is stronger, take a length of tippet, tie the non-slip mono loop (which I like) to a hook. Tie the other end of the line to an identical hook using the Trilene knot and pull. See which one breaks first. Repeat 10 times and you will know.

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    Keep the loop small and hinging won't be that big of an issue. Of course it will still happen. Usually it is the fly getting hooked back over the tippet especially on nymphs with stiff biot wings or tails like princes or kaufman stones. I shoot for a loop diameter 2 - 3x the diameter of the hook shaft. I try to always make my tippet to fly knot the weakest. Blood or nail knots will give you close to 100% so I use them for line to leader, leader to leader and leader to tippet. Uni, trilene and rapala knots hold around 85% - 95% so I use them on the tippet to hook connection. That way when I have to break the hook off I usually just loose the fly. Less stuff to retie on the water that way. Well, in theory any how :beer2:
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    Non-slip mono loop or the riffle hitch. Both are great. :thumb:
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    If I am at home and rig up before I go out I use a grip knot tied with a nail knot tool to tie on a fly. Once I am on the river I use an improved cinch for direct ties, and lefty's or a double surgeon loop for open loops.
  10. WaFlyCaster

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    second the rapala knot... tied with 8 lb leader i havent had that break on me while fighting steelhead, coho in the salt, or chums.