Best Knot for tying a sink tip to a leader?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by SHARP, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. I am looking for a good, easy knot to tie a sink tip to a leader...... What do you use?
  2. I've never had any issues nail knotting my leader to my sink tip. Coat it very lightly with UV Knotsense or your preferred other product to make a nice taper so that it slides smootly through the guides in both directions and you're set.
  3. Ed, you are morphing..what's up dude?
  4. As usually Mumbles missed the question.

    Most Sink tips come with a loop on the big end. What I used to do is at the fly line where the leader attaches. Cut back what is nailed knotted on and tie a loop, that way you will have a loop to loop connection. It's not pretty but it works.
  5. Hey genius, you are typing so you must be right and of course I'm wrong. I might have "missed the question", as usual, but I've got an awful lot of Rio Versitips that have a loop to line end and a blunt terminal end where you NAIL KNOT the damn butt end of the LEADER to the SINK TIP. I also have some custom cut tips from Airflo that, once you custom cut them to the length you want, the instructions say to NAIL KNOT the butt end of the tapered leader or level line. If we are talking poly leaders in various sink rates then I'll say the only ones I've used are sinking material over a mono core that is exposed at the tapered end. To this end I use a double surgeon's knot instead of a nail knot.

    Since JSharp asked about attaching a sink tip to a leader I suggested a nail knot. Unless his sink tip is not attached to his fly line and then attached to his leader I'm sticking with the nail knot as my suggestion or offer of humor as I again miss the point or target. Good morning Dillon Montana!
  6. Now you can Just shut the hell up. Only a simple answer would do here. Not going off on What you are using. I also have the versitip leaders from RIO, or what ever is they are called. But on the clear sink tip you have to use an Albright knot or the nail knot will just slip off the end of it.

    I done all that and also did it all You are just a youngen on all of this stuff related to Fly fishing for Steelhead.

    Have a nice day. And it's still snowing out.

    Besides he asked how to tie a sink tip to his leader not how to tip a tippet to his business end.
  7. The welded loop on the "front" end of most fly lines is a relatively recent innovation. On lines lacking such loops I've always just added a short length (8-10 inch) of 20-30 pound monofilament, nail-knotted to the end of the line, with a perfection loop on the other end for a loop-to-loop connection to the the leader.

    If you want to get a bit more fancy, a needle nail-knot in which the monofilament is inserted into the core, brought out through the side of the fly line's coating about an inch from the tip and nail-knotted there looks a bit neater and, since the monofilament comes directly out of the center of the fly line, seems to pass though the tip-top a bit more smoothly.
  8. Needless to say I am on the right track...... I have been using the surgeons knot and have not had any real issues. however sometimes I need to re ie the knot because it does not bite into the sink tip. Thanks fellas....

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