Best non-tacky resin??

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by james.jimenez, Sep 24, 2013.

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    There is a newer UV resin from the UK called Deer Creek Diamond UV resins. They have pictures posted with CCG's resins after being set by a UV flashlight,and their's after being set by their UV stylus or flashlight, They then laid CDC feathers on both cured resins and both the CCG resins were easily tacky enough for the CDC feathers to stick to them while the CDC feathers would not adhere to the Deer Creek Diamond resin. Caster's Online flyshop out of North Carolina sells the Deer Creek resins and have more info at: I'm just another fly-tyer looking for some truly tack-free UV resins to use on my trout flies. Give it a look, but it looks like CCG is about to see some very serious competition.

    Good luck,
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    For some reason, I cannot get onto WFF from my home internet connection. If anyone needs to contact me, do not pm me but email me at picaboo(at)
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    CCG Hydro locks in my thread bump egg patterns, after I've formed them with the CCG Brushable... they are tack free with a fresh bottle and batteries in my light....I then put them on foam, place on my car dash, and drive around with them in the sun. But after about 5-6 months the Hydro acts like the Brushable; at which time, I just apply a thin coat of Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails
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    I use devcon 5 minute epoxy. It's the plain apply the two epoxies and mix them. I tie Mercers Beaded Biot Golden Stone, and if you don't cool the epoxy in the fridge for around 8 minutes, it's runny, and runnyness is a problem since the legs on the fly are soft hackle. Cool the epoxy, mix them, and apply. Hope this helps
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    I have a possible cure for those tacky resins.

    I was PMd a question about my resin on another BB. I compared my resin to CCG thin packaged in the black syringe. My resin is thinner.

    While comparing the consistency of the resins, a thought occurred to me and I decided to do an experiment.

    Although I don't know what is exactly in the CCG Thin resin, I suspected that both were similar free radical acrylic polymers and would be compatible chemically. I also suspected that the free radical oxygen inhibitor chemical that is my resin would allow the CCG Thin to cure completely without tack.

    So I mixed about 60% my resin with 40% CCG thin, and put a UV light to the mixture. It cured completely. The surface has a softer feel but it stays shiny and is not tacky when rubbed. I find that interesting and it shows that the two resins are chemically compatible and that the oxygen inhibitor in my resin is also compatible with the CCG resin.

    So those of you that have other resins that cure with tack and have bought my resin, you might want to try to mix my resin with the other resin and see if the additive in my resin will allow the mixture to completely cure without any tack.
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    After using the UV resin I always use some varnish and problem solved. Keeps the UV resin nice and shiny.

    Is this also necessary with the UV resin that is tack free?
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    Tack free cures tack free and shiny. So no "problem" to solve.
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    I have purchased Silvercreek's product including the lithium powered light and the laser. I am very satisfied with the price and products!
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    I used Silvercreek's product a lot on my beach flies last summer. Regardless of how careful you are while casting you are going to ding your flies on the beach during your backcast.
    It held up much better and was more durable then the epoxy I've used in the past.
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    This is why my resin is so strong.

    Oxygen competes with the resin polymer for the free radical bond. If oxygen is at the bonding site, it blocks the polymerization process. The oxygen to free radical bond is not a strong covalent bond so it is not permanent. While the oxygen occupies the bonding site, polymerization cannot occur and the polymers that are formed are shorter chained. What is needed is are chemicals than removes oxygen allowing the bond to form WITHOUT resorting to sunlight or AC bulbs. Then you get long chained and a stronger polymer.

    Tacky cure resins do not have chemicals that prevent oxygen from binding with the free radicals.

    The reason that CCG tells you to put their resin out in the sun is that sunlight contains the entire spectrum of UVA and UVB radiation. When the weak oxygen to free radical bond breaks, the polymerization can continue BUT the polymer chains are shorter and the polymer is weaker.

    As long as the resin does not have chemicals to PREVENT oxygen from bonding with the free radical polymers during the polymerization process, you will end up with a weaker polymer coating.


    "INCREASED POLYMER CHAIN LENGTH: oxygen consumption is made prior to polymerization removing unwanted free radical centers that may quench the reaction"

    Photochemical Method to Eliminate Oxygen Inhibition of Free Radical Polymerizations
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    The video below shows how fast my resin cures. The video was made by a fly tier who bought a resin kit from me at the 2014 Badger Fly Fishers Spring Opener Conclave in Madison, Wisconsin. I was tying Harrison Steeves TransparAnts and the video show how he ties one.

    The reason I post the video it that it shows how fast my resin cures. You will notice at about 4:25 into the video, that the resin cures so fast with the high power flashlight that it smokes. The fast cure also limits the possibility of any oxygen inhibition and a tacky surface.

    My resin is designed to cure VERY fast so it saves time for the fly tier. But that wisp of smoke is overheating and can discolor the resin. Overheating depends on how thick the resin layer is and how close the light is to the resin.

    If you are using the high power light and it smokes, back off initially so you have a less intense beam. The resin may smoke when you keep a UV laser on one spot too long. With the laser, turn the laser on away from the fly and then "paint" the resin by moving the laser over the resin surface to prevent overheating.

    I opted for a fast cure and the fly tier can control the rate of cure depending on thick the resin coat is and how close the light is to the resin. It doesn't take much time to learn how to get the fastest cure possible without over heating the resin. If I can save you 20 seconds a fly on resin cure, that means more flies tied per hour.

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    I just received my order of Silvercreek's resin last week. After tying with it over the weekend, I have to say that it is the best resin/epoxy I've used and I have Solarez, Loon and Clear Cure.
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    Kudos to Silvercreek! Just got my bottle of UV Crystal Coat and it is "as advertised". It dries completely tack free and hard in seconds. No need to hit your fly with nail polish as the finish is crystal clear (no pun intended). At $15 dollars, it also beats what you will pay for CCG, Loon, et al.
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    Ditto on Silvercreek's resin. It is tack free and sets up quickly. Good stuff.
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  16. silvercreek Active Member

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    Your resin is on the way. Thanks for giving my resin a vote of confidence and I hope you will let us know how it performs for you.
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    I will definitely be placing an order with Silvercreek as soon as funds dictate. Ira let me sample his during a clouser tying session at my house last week. I was VERY impressed with the cure time and complete lack of tackiness. Great stuff! I also find the bottle with brush way easier to use than the ccg syringes I have
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    For some reason my IP address has been blocked. You can email me at picaboo(at)charter(dot)net replacing (at) and (dot) with the correct symbols. At this time, I cannot respond from my home Wi Fi IP.
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    I'm by no means a tech wizard, but I think that if you disconnect your router for a short period of time (like 10 minutes, I think), and reconnect it, it'll give you a new IP.
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    Tied some chironomids using Silvercreek's resin.... the fish loved them! It is exactly as he says it is- tack free, cures quickly. Great product.