Best Spey Reel Value Right Now?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by HauntedByWaters, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. HauntedByWaters Active Member

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    I don't care if it is plastic...eerrrrrrr......I mean composite........yeah a composite reel......that sounds nice.......

    Anyway, I am going to be getting a new spey rod and don't have a lot of money.

    So, what is the best deal as far as a reel that has a capacity to hold a spey line in the 6,7,8 range with a decent amount backing. I don't want it to be big and heavy though, not going to the Dean River anytime soon.
  2. obiwankanobi Active Member

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    I'm not sure on your financial position on this purchase but I would highly recommend the Ross CLA which sells for about $260. There are cheaper reels around, but Ross has a great warranty service and has been great to me.
  3. HauntedByWaters Active Member

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    Oh yeah I have one of those. It is a great reel.

    I was shooting for sub 150$. Should have put that in the first post.

    I actually somehow got on LL Beans mailing list and they have some nice looking reels for around a hundred bucks. Anyone ever try those?

    I heard their stuff is just re-branded from other makers and sold for cheaper. Anyone have any idea who may have designed their reels?

    Here is a link to the "Double L":

    They don't look that bad at all if you don't mind a little "Bean" in your life.
  4. obiwankanobi Active Member

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    I don't know anything about LLBean, other than they have a strong eastern presence. You might look at some Orvis models and see if they can accomodate your needs. I have a Orvis Mach reel on my spey rod now that I got on sale and its a terrific reel.
  5. Josh dead in the water

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    That cheap-o Redington you were looking at on my 5wt is a Crosswater. They do make a 7/8/9 as well. No idea how much spey line it would hold, particularly if you were going with a beefy line, or how well the drag would perform on a big fish. But I may use one to put on my 5wt switch spey.
  6. Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

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    I have one of those crosswaters. It has such big gaps that my 7wt line for my 6wt rod slides out of the spool and around the reel. That of course only happens at very inopportune times. Not very tight tolerances but not bad for 60 bucks I guess.
  7. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    I like the Tioga's that I have (10 and 12) and they go new for about $180 I think. My latest reel is a Vossler, but you're looking at a much different price range for that.

    I have an Orvis reel for the 12'7" Beulah I need to finish building. I can't remember the model, but got a very good deal at an Orvis event with the reel being on sale and the $25 off coupon I had at the time. I think my cost out the door, was about $125 for it!! :thumb:
  8. docstash Member

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    I have a Pfluegar Summit 1690 and Trion 1912, which holds a bit more line, that I have no problem with. Fairly cheap on Ebay. Craig
  9. herl Member

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    I have no personal experience with that particular LL bean reel, but they sell quality stuff and they back it up 100%, for any reason. Other rods and reels I have from them have been excellent deals.
  10. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    I just got a cheapo reel for a practice line, a CSR 3 from Cabela's. Probably only 100 yd of backing plus a similar sized line...but it was 50$ retail!
    you really do get what you pay for-
    I'd suggest you check and see if Sierra has any of those Lamson Radius 4 Hybrids left. I think they're going for less that 150-
  11. Kirk Singleton Capt Kirk

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    I bought a Vogg for my Spey rod. Got it from Aaron at River run anglers. It is a fine reel for less than $100.
  12. HauntedByWaters Active Member

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    Thread CLOSED, I ordered the R4.

    I like these reels and have always wanted to own one.
  13. Philster New Member

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    The best deal, if you can find one is a Cortland 200D Magnum. I've owned as many as 3 at the same time, and currently still own one. I sold the other two off as gravy to form a package with rods I was selling. If not for that I would have kept them. They are British Fly Reel company products (BFR) that cortland sold over here. Still available from BFR but I'm not sure about exchange rates and such, so as a BFR product it may not be a killer deal, but as a Cortland product if you can find one, it is most definitely.

    Watch the original Dereck Brown casting video. Look at what's on the rods. Good enough for Dereck, good enough for me. Definitely keep your eye on Ebay or elsewhere on line. You see 140Ds all the time. Sometimes 200Ds will pop up. Snap them up... Here's Ebay UK to see what they look like.
  14. tweedside New Member

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    For the money you want to spend I would look at the greatest internet auction site. You should get a System 2 in spey line size, 12/13 or 11/12 for that money. You may even get a spare spool, backing and a decent line thrown in!
    They are older reels with a lot of life in them. They are reliable if properly maintained.

    :ray1:You can if so minded remove the drag disc and sandwich it on a bolt by placing the nut up tight. Place it in an electric drill and apply the lightest auto-valve grinding paste until smooth, then finish with metal polish; clean well,re-lubricate and reassemble. You will have a very good reel with a smooooth drag!:beer2:

    Or you can buy a cheap new may get a good one, or you may equally well get a real load of trouble: especially when you catch (and lose) a good fish. Many cheap reels seem to have absolutely NO Quality Control!!:mad:
  15. Ryan Klett New Member

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    TICA Veteran fly reels. They have three series like S,T,V or something like that. I got the middle model in an 11 wt for my 7/8 spey for $50 in an Ebay store. No auction, just the going rate. Machined aluminum, tight tolerances, cork disk drag. A total steal and it seems like nobody else knows about them until right now. Good luck.
  16. fullerfly Calvin Fuller

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  17. Denny Active Member

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    Great value reels, particularly for your purpose.
  18. Les Johnson Les Johnson

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    I'm with Philster on the Cortand 200D. It cost about $100 and would take a large Spey line and ample backing. I've used a 200D labeled for Orvis Spey since 1991 It is still gong strong and has accounted for some darned nice steelhead. I recall that there was also a Cortland 140D, smaller but equally good for lighter weight Spey lines. I lobbied to beat hell with the Cortland folks to keep these reels in their lineup but wiser(?) heads prevailed.
    Another reel that I use for 8-9 weight Spey lines is the Scientific Anglers System II 89. It will taqke an 8 Spey line and ample backing. The larger SA System II 10-11 will engulf just about any Spey line.
    None of the above are large arbor reels.
    Les Johnson
  19. Will Atlas Guest

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    Just bought a Ross CLA for 230 thats pretty sweet. Not cheap but for what you could be spending its nothing.
  20. chromeseeker Where's the Bucket?

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    Les and Philster took the words right out of my mouth.

    The 200D Magnum was my first ever spey reel and those babies are bullet proof. I've purchased more expensive reels since then but I'd be lying to say they were better. I think I paid maybe $125 for it. Great deal for a great reel.