Best SRC Flyline?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by freestoneangler, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Changed my mind again (like a high school cheerleader :D )...away from the SA Streamer Express and now down to either the Cortland 444 Clear Camo or Cortland Precision Clear Camo.

    Which would you pick for double duty use; beach action pitching clousers and for the lakes?

    Need to order today... way behind getting this done for upcoming trips.

  2. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Now here's a question I've been needing to ask: which would be the best shop to fill my line needs regarding these types of lines. I can combine a trip over the hill to the shop, and hit Uwajimaya for some supplies, all in the same day! Got the rod coming, got the reel picked out, but I need the line!
  3. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Get the precision with the Rocket Taper 2.

    I prefer the Airflo 40+ off the beach but if you want one line to do both I think the Precision has a slight edge over the Classic.
  4. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    I also recently purchased a 40+. Quite the bomb. It's a little two heavy for my RPL, but I have used a standard WF for years for sea run cutthroat and dry lines. I'm due for a new 5wt. rod anyway! I think a simple WF 10' sink-tip is a good sea run cutthroat line to get it below the surface. If you want "distance" then 40+ lines and the others are great, but using a standard WF will make you a little more relaxed on the beach after watching and playing with those lines that are heavier to handle but "shoot like a hell bomb"!
  5. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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  6. Bob Young Member

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    For David Loy; I fish the Rio 'Hover' which they now call the 'slow intermediate' I'm with you on fishing the top couple of feet. I hardly ever hook a bullhead or flounder.
    The Airflow 40+ version works just as well.