Best SRC/Resident Coho Rod & Reel?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by freestoneangler, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. freestoneangler

    freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

    First off, thanks for the feedback everyone! It seems like the 9'6", 6 weight is the slight favorite. Dustin -- interesting option to consider a switch, but I've promised myself to stay away from these...if I add switch rods, just having gotten into spey rods, my head might explode :eek:

    Yesterday, I was using my Sage RPL 690 and an SA System 2 because I happened to have a spare spool with a 6 weight Ty II intermediate line. With the exception of not having stainless components on it (I built the rod a number of years ago), the rod would probably work fine with a better line. I always clean up equipment after salt use, so doubt I'd have problems there. I also have a Lamson V2 and recently found a spare spool for it that I could buy a new line for. I was thinking this might be the reel I set-up. Do most of you fish SRC's and Cohos with sink or float lines?

    I really like Dimebrite's last comment -- this certainly would save on having too many duplicates of rods and reels for fresh and salt use... but then one can never have too many.. right;)

  2. Jim Wallace

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    Uh oh, you're startin' to think like a gearhead!:clown::beer1: Myself, I am immune to such extravagances. No, I just lied. :beer2:I am now in the process of putting together a dedicated Redtail Surf Perch Rig, but that is a spinning outfit for chucking lead over the waves. The same fly gear one uses for cutts would work for the Redtails, except the line should be a good fast-sinking shooting head.
  3. Mike T

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    Lamson, any model. Great brake, great price point and do well in the salt. I've never had to send one of these back for repair.

    Lines, floating shooting head lines gives you the most options, if you want to get down just throw an intermediate polyleader on or carry a spare spool.

    6 wt, 9'6" Sage One. Occasionally I'll grab a 5wt when there's no wind and I'm confident all I'll find are cutts and rezzies. An 8wt switch with a scandi head is great fun for chum.
  4. bimini twist

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    We're selling my spouse's Hardy Zenith 9 ft. 6 wt., which is a great rod for fishing SRC and coho. The rod is fine in the salt, as it has an annodized aluminum reel seat. The rod is in excellent condition.

    See the Classified Ads. We just reduced the price to $395, including shipping. A great buy for someone.


    Portland, OR
  5. Don Freeman

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    Spot on of course Leland. I include a fast sinking shooting head for boat fishing in current.
  6. Chester Allen

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    I think a sea-run cutt rod and reel is a pretty personal decision. I like a 6-weight rod with a little flex in the tip and backbone toward the butt. I think a lot of anglers overestimate how far they have to cast to reach fish. In fact, I see lots of anglers standing the water where the fish usually hang out.

    A decent reel with a smooth drag will be fine. I think your choices of line are more critical. I carry a floating line, a clear intermediate and a depth-charge sinking line. I use the intermediate most often, as it sinks just below the surface and gives me a sensitive connection to the fly. I like the full sinker because some really nice cutts spend their lives right on the bottom, especially on sunny Puget Sound days. And the sinker also gets down to the fish when tidal flows are strong.

    Good luck!

  7. Greg Armstrong

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    If you like modern gear, all the above suggestions are good.

    I like to use older, traditional gear though and so I'll stick my neck out here a little for anyone who might be interested and tell you what I use when beach fishing.

    I have an 8 ft., 4-1/2 oz. 3 piece Orvis Battenkill impregnated bamboo rod that was made in 1967. It is marked "HDH" (6 wt.) or "HCF" (7 wt.) and I find that the 6 wt (I use a floater exclusively) works best on it for me.

    The many cutthroat I have caught on it in the Sound don't seem to care that it's not a high tech'. modern marvel, and I really enjoy fishing with it. It cost me less than most of the new gear noted above ($350-used) which may surprise many (Orvis made a lot of bamboo rods, and there's always a lot on the market it seems, although this particular model can be a little harder to find because people hold onto them) It didn't come with its original tube, but somehow that doesn't seem to matter to the fish either. I use an older British made Orvis Battenkill reel on it and both are still in great condition, given minimal care by rinsing and using quality reel lube.

    When I go out on the Sound in the boat I take graphite as boats are a little tougher on the bamboo out on the salt water. Otherwise I use traditional gear wherever I fish because for me it's just more enjoyable.

    Just thought I'd throw this out there as another option to think about.
  8. Chester Allen

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    Hey Leland,
    The book is out, complete with your contribution of your popper information. Can I send you a couple of copies via mail? I won't be in the Seattle area for another couple of weeks....

    Thanks for your help!

  9. freestoneangler

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    Interesting you mention bamboo. My wife bought me one last year for my B-day, an Orvis Battenkill Impregnated, 8', HCH, 4-1/4 oz. I would have never thought to use it for saltwater -- been keeping it for a Sunday driver. I've only lawn cast it this past summer and it has a sweet stroke...might need to give it a try on SRC outings. :hmmm:
  10. Banzai

    Banzai FFing and VWs...Bugs & Bugs

    I'll toss my hat in with the "just off the beaten track" crowd. Lately, I've taken to fishing SRCs a lot with my old Heddon 6/7 wt fiberglass or bamboo rods and "vintage" reels. I prefer a WF floating line cut back, looped, and using poly leaders with it. Mostly I prefer clear floaters and hover/ intermediates. If I really want to reach out and touch fish, I grab a 12' 5wt two-hander with a Rio Outbound floater/polyleader setup.
  11. Dr Bob

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    Let me say I am not a seasoned Puget Sound fly fisherman. The saltwater is a new thing to me. I have only fished the Sound 3 -4 times.bawling: I would agree that 5 and 6wt rods are fine for SRC and the 6wt being preferred all around when you take the wind into account. I have a 7wt that I have used and when things are windy I prefer it. In fact, when my wife goes with me, she likes the 7 wt because it handles the wind and the weight of the heavier flies better than a 6wt. I have also found a fighting butt helpful. So I have just built a 6wt and 7wt for the salt with special reel seats and fighting butt for the salt. Haven't tried them yet, maybe this weekend. Just my 2 cents.

    Dr Bob :thumb:
  12. Nick Clayton

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    I wish I had a fighting butt on all of my rods. If nothing else I like the ability to stand the rod on end using the fighting butt while stringing up a rod or whatever, keeping the reel off the ground.

    Last year I had Tyler Speir build me a 5 wt specifically for SRC/rezzies in mind. It is a fantastic rod, and really lets those smaller fish shine. It is built with EVA grip to withstand the saltwater better, as well as all salwater components. It is a great rod, however I've found that when the wind is present, as it most usually is, I always wish I had my 6 wt with me.
  13. Stonefish

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    If anyone ever decides to part with either of the follow to rods, please let me know.
    I have a buddy looking for a beach stick.
    Redington CPS 9664S
    Sage XP 697-4

  14. freestoneangler

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    Still kicking around which rod I want. My wife just won a $500 gift card from Orvis -- winner in the Orvis Dog photo contest, our male golden will be in the upcoming catalog. She suggested I look to see if there is anything I might is that cool or what!

    I see a few folks liking the Helios but not sure I want to spend that much on this rod. No one mentioned their Clearwater model rods. The 966-4 for $225 is of interest...anyone have this rod?