best trout rivers in washington??

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  1. im new to this area and was hoping for some tips on good places to fish. 3 best west side trout rivers? 3 best east side trout rivers?
    thank you
  2. sorry, got 3 really good ones but aint puttin them on here. you need to know there are 40,000 ears and eyes on this site and nobody can give up their hot spot. you need to put the legs to work and do what i did , walk and find them, sorry. mike w , good luck
  3. im not asking for specific spots.....i just was looking for what rivers have good trout fishing other than the yakima. but thanks anyways
  4. There is some seriously good trout fishing along I90 from North Bend to Ellensburg. When it comes to rivers outside that corridor people can get pretty secretive. There are small trout in pretty much every mountain river in the state, so If you're into 2-3wt water all you have to do is drive into the mountains and start fishing.
  5. Some of the best trout fishing western wa has to offer is in Puget Sound.
    Think of it as a big river.
  6. thanks patrick!
  7. Pretty much all the rivers on the east side of the cascades have trout. The Yakima is usually at the top of most peoples list, but the others can fish well too.
  8. I'm thinking of one guy who moved here recently, asked a couple of questions on WFF, and the next thing you know he was posting a report about catching a Sea Run Cutt off the beach. It is a pretty amazing fishery where you can go stand on the beach and bring in 16" trout or Fat Salmon.
  9. Most of the rivers that drain into the sound have coastal cutts in them right now. Just pick one and get out there.
  10. The Yakima is seen as a blue ribbon trout fishery .. and is in great shape right now.
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  12. Not groundbreaking, and I'm not telling you what rock to stand on...


    These rivers are no secret. You can find your spots, figure out your hatches, and get fishing on them yourself. Hit some fly shops, buy some bugs, and get to know the staff. They will put you in the right direction.

    Just fish anadromous species...

    There are a few waters around (fewer in SW Washington... I'm exploring those now!) that are true trout streams. Personally, I would rather drive to Eastern Washington/Central Oregon to fish trout then fish them here. I'm investing in the two-handed fishing game to truly utilize the fishery that we best have on this side of the state. That said, there are some special trout fisheries on the west side of the Cascades, but they are kept close to the vest. Explore to find those.

    Good luck.
  13. I suggest picking up Fly Fishers Guide to WA at your local book store or fly shop. Lot's of good info.
  14. What's best also depends upon the time of year. For example, I like the Yakima best during a short window before run-off in spring in March and maybe April, and then again Sep-Oct. I skip it the rest of the time. On the other hand, the Middle Fork Snoqualmie is best Jul-Aug. Third, you can fish Rocky Ford any day of the year (and seriously, you must go there at least once just to gawk at the huge fish).

    When I was new to the state 13 years ago, the best investments I made were in a De Lorme Atlas of the state and a flyfishing guide to WA book that you can purchase on Amazon. That led to a habit and even a preference for exploring new water. I've done so much of that I keep track of those spots in an Excel spreadsheet. Even now, I have a backlog of new water I've researched and want to explore ASAP. It's fun, and when you discover a new and seemingly hidden piece of water, it's very satisfying.
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  15. Cowlits
  16. Buy a good map of Washington. DeLorme or one like it. I like the map made by Benchmark.

    Find a blue squiggly line, check the regs to see if it's open
    . Go to it and explore your ass off. Be sure to take your rod along.
  17. Perhaps you would be better served, to start your search for a river looking for one with water in it. We could use a little rain.
  18. Lots of closed rivers here on the dry side.
    Pick one that is open and fish away.

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