Best wading access on Yakima?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by n1507l, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. n1507l New Member

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    I've drifted the Yakima a couple of times, but do not have a boat, myself. What are the best areas for to access by driving/hiking/wading?

    Thanks a ton for anyone's help!

    (By the way, Rocky Ford was mediocre to good last week):??
  2. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    The Yakima is very accessible along most the upper canyon, off Highway 10. I tend to hit this area for wading since the levels are generally lower than the canyon below Ellensburg. I have stopped and waded in numerous spots all along this stretch. Don't have a favorite, I just look for empty spots. Some are quite a walk down hill and others are right off the road. Perhaps other have favorites spots, I just like the whole thing.
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    The upper canyon is a good bet. Also investigate the river above Cle Elum, all the way to Easton. I've had great fishing in this section. Access can be sort of tough, and walking the riverbanks something of a chore due to natural obstacles and private-land issues.

    Good luck!
  4. ray helaers New Member

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    This time of year the whole river is likely wadeable. The lower canyon, bten Ellensburg and Roza Dam has the most roadside access, and the most pressure. The river right along I90 through Cle Ellum is good and has good access. The sections above Cle Ellum are hard to access if you don't know your way around. The upper canyon has less access Or at least longer hikes) than the lower canyon, but less crowds too. There is some access to good water right above the Ringer Road Access just above the mouth of the lowere canyon. The lower canyon has the most fish and the most insects, but the pools available from the road get pounded so hard that the fishing can be tough. Try crossing the bridge at Umptanum and exploring the far side of the river. Watch for snakes I guess. When it starts getting cold, they get slow enough to let you step on them.:eek:
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    Thanks for the Rocky Ford Report. Haven't read one in a while.
    I like fishing the lower canyon about mile 20, a few people walk down in there, but generally move on, once things settle after everyone gets in then they fish down, then the fish seem to show up- maybe becasue of lower pressure who knows. I work up river from there and seem to have pretty good luck.
    The bridge at Umtanum is closed for repairs for a few more weeks, Nov 1 or so I think.
    Lots of big horn sheep out and some pretty aggressive Rams right now on the far side of the river, they are battering up the sage and rocks and any thing that will seems to look at or moves \ towards them, so if on the far side banks and walking down river, be on the look out. We watched some good battering amongst them this past weekend, and lots of rather large boulders being knocked down the hill from the fighting they were doing. Heads up.
    Good luck.
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    All the places mentioned and everywhere in between is wadeable right now with the river being so low. A word of caution though, I was there this past weekend and it's slippery as all get out right now. If you have cleats, wear 'em. :jj