Best wading/hiking boot?

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  1. Aaron Banks

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    I need to put in my two cents on the korkers....

    Switching the soles is just a pain and a hastle to me. If your hiking between fishing holes you don't want to be switching soles everytime you start/stop fishing.

    I'm with Andy and Dylan. Just wear the soles out then just buy new soles, not new boots. I like my korkers and don't mind replacing the sole, I think you may get a better fit if your willing to spend a little more $$$.

  2. Scruffy Fly

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    Korker soles are quick and easy to remove install. Hassle is pretty low.

    The large carbide cleats have great hold in all kinds of surfaces. climbing rocks they have fantastic hold even if it is bus size. The hold in slimmy cobble / boulder rivers is the best. Snow and ice do not cling to the rubber sole. Wet grassy slopes they work well.

    I have not hiked more than a mile in them so I don't know what a long hike would be..

    You could do a whole lot worse.
  3. MauiJim

    MauiJim ka lawai'a

    The swapping is pretty minor, but if you really hate swapping you could just leave the felts in the Korkers and wear them until it wears out-- then swap out the soles for new ones, right? Same principle, and even easier than replacing the felts on a 'regular' boot.

    I've gone through several sets of boots... Chota Abrams Creek didn't fare too well, and Patagonia studded Beefy's were super comfortable and, uh, 'beefy.' The previous iteration of Patagonia wading shoe, which looked like the Beefy, actually wears out pretty fast.

    I've had the Korkers for about 8 outings now and they've been great- more comfortable than the Chotas, about on par with the Patagonias. It's been cool to wear the felts in my friends boat, but switch to studded felt to fish the slippery Cedar (the studs bite really well) I'm not sure about durability yet, I've borrowed an older pair of Korkers before and the soles would fall out no matter what you tried (short of duct tape)-- supposedly this was remedied in the newest iteration of boots, and it seems to be as I haven't had any issues with mine. I'm interested to see how they fare over the summer and fall, though...