Best way to carry a pistol wile hiking

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    Sorry about calling you Freda, my grandpa was an Evans so I guess the Freda just subconsciously stuck out as seperate. Fred instead? fae?

    The thing about the incident I'm referencing ( ) is that the guy was just cross country skiing down a road near a campground, and this father and son beat him and then strangled him leaving in his SUV thinking they had killed him. He was on a public road. He would have died if a couple more people wouldn't have found him. He easily could have been a fisherman on some other road/river. Sadly we don't have to go looking for dangerous situations, sometimes they come for us and each person decides for themselves whether they will be ready to fight back even if you die trying or just hope it never happens.
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    Not to worry about the 'Freda, ' no harm, no foul.

    Actually there's a very famous British Actress by the name of Freda Evans, which is why I used to get the 'ribbing.' Personally, couldn't figure out why the fellows thought that to be funny. But their humor is a bit different than ours. Actually had a case - some years back - where I had to PM the fellow who posted a joke that went right over my head, but the follow up posts were: "Classic," Excellent, etc." Had to ask him to 'explain it to me.' Turns out it was an 'inside joke' for the UK. Over here? Who knew?

    But this was a great addition to your last post and how true!

    "Sadly we don't have to go looking for dangerous situations, sometimes they come for us and each person decides for themselves whether they will be ready to fight back even if you die trying or just hope it never happens." Guess this where the saying: "Shit Happens" originated?


    Should have added that on all boards I post as fredaevans, here or there.
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    i lived in alaska for 6 yrs...had my first dream the other night...wonder when the next one will hit me? ; ) most people who have done their research end up with the shoulder holster. it's quick, fast and u can take down any no good who tries to mess with you. carry that weapon with you. no day is safe when our obsurd politictions don't know how to say no. your safer in the woods. i use bear spray. im not a greenie in any way but I always felt when i was on the river fishing, that bears come with the territory. I don't like like the idea of shooting bears but in my 6 yrs up there, every year terrible mis guided bear killings happen from ignorant people who are trigger happy. Bears don't want a confrontation any more than we do.

    most of the time a bear charge is a bluff. But then if you come across a bear and her cub unexpectedly, serious escalation can occur. i still wouldn't shoot a bear even if it knocked me down and i was alive because a bear can kill you at any time if it wanted. Bear spray is all i ever wanted to carry on me. i'm not afraid to die. Of course there are people who would disagree but in the alaska state fish & game website and fishing regulations concerning bears, it's a no brainer when it comes to how we are to react. Some people don't care to appreciate the balance we have with wild animals and will shoot no matter what. those are very disturbing news events especially when witnessed by others. A sow is killed, then the cubs in so many cases are put down as well because not enough room in the US for bears at parks, or zoo's.

    hands down, i will waste a no good human thug coming at me than a bear trying to protect her cubs. Enjoy the great wilderness
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    where the hell are you hiking you think you need to be armed to the teeth?
    Depending on the activity, I “carry” lots of things I hope I never have to use . . . health insurance, fire insurance, extinguishers, spare tires, first-aid kits, tools, survival gear, medical ID, etc. I also carry a legal means to protect myself if conditions arise that warrant such measures. As for your question, I am unaware of ANY locale that is guaranteed free from threats of bodily harm from creatures or people and when I’m in the outdoors (or anywhere else for that matter), my first line of defense is me. My personal goal is to never be a defenseless or helpless victim. As I posted earlier, innocent folks/potential victims don’t arrange or schedule life-jeopardizing events, and these scenarios can occur anywhere. I’ll continue to trust in the “Be Prepared” Boy Scout motto and will also continue to exercise the right granted us via the Second Amendment (plus, I practice to remain proficient; no value in carrying a tool if you don't know how to use it.). It’s all about choices, but “I wish I had . . . “ won’t buy any help when one is confronted by a perilous situation. As the old Sheriff once responded when asked if he was carrying his handgun because he was expecting trouble: "If I were expecting trouble, I'd be carrying my rifle."
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    Pistol should be carried where it’s easy to get to but is not visible to others. As a gun carrying person it’s your responsibility to carry in a way that does not make others feel uneasy so carrying it hidden is very important. Course practice is also a must or do not bother to carry.
    I have been very surprised over the years at the types of people that carry every day including many old ladies who are quite skilled in their means of protection. Sit at a gun club and see just who comes through and what they are shooting some time to see what I mean. Funny part is outside of the gun range you would never expect the people who carry to be carrying.
    For those who do not carry keep in mind a gun is not just for protection but it is a great way to signal for help as well. A gun also can also be used as a noise to scare an animal away or could be used on a small creature that has bitten you to be able to take it in for rabies check. Course I pray that no person who chooses to carry ever has to use their gun but every month many do.

    Where you carry a gun is going to depend on a lot of things including the size of the gun, the clothing you are wearing, you own body build and what else you are carrying with you. I feel myself for my body size some styles of guns are just not good carry pieces for me. I have also found that you need different ways to carry a gun based on what you are wearing and sometimes the gun must be of small size such as a little 380 or my personal love the little snub nose 38. The 38 special still sells in large numbers for a reason. Just try to carry that 1911 with shorts and a tee shirt without it being visible, good luck. There are many ways to carry including pocket holsters, belly bands, clips, holsters for belt for both inside and outside the pants, shoulder holsters, waist packs, and even purse holsters for the ladies. Most likely you will need 2 or 3 holsters to cover all the bases.
    One thing to think about is if the Glock gun you say you have is the one I am thinking about it’s a 10MM gun with a barrel length of over 4”. While I never held one it seems to me that this is a lot of gun to keep concealed and this makes the job of keeping it so difficult. You might consider using the excuse to buy another gun that a little easier to keep hidden and switch back and forth between the two guns based on what you are wearing that day and where you will need to carry it. That’s your choice of course and could be that great excuse to buy another gun.
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    As a gun carrying person it’s your responsibility to carry in a way that does not make others feel uneasy so carrying it hidden is very important.
    Makes it sound as if carrying a handgun openly in a right-to-carry state is wrong . . .

    While I carry concealed around town (to avoid potential confrontation/explanations to the uninformed . . . for MY convenience, not the convenience of others), when I'm in the boonies or around my property I often carry openly, which makes my tool of choice much more readily available, if needed.

    From RCW 9.41.050 - "Carrying firearms": "Washington is an open carry state for firearms . . . In this law, mere possession of an openly-carried handgun in an exposed holster, for instance, is legal except where it is specifically illegalized. . . . because open carry in Washington is presumptively legal, articulation of malicious intent must include something beyond mere open possession."

    That being said, I carry a copy of this RCW with me at all times, in the event ill-informed LE or concerned citizens voice a concern. Other than those rights granted by the Second Amendment and the laws of the State of Washington, I DON'T need the approval or permission from other citizens to carry a firearm in the legal manner of my choosing. I DO have the responsibility to use every firearm in a safe & prudent manner, however. There is a heavy responsibility that comes with carrying any firearm, but it isn't that of not offending others who may not be so inclined.
  7. Back to the original purpose of this post. I would simply shove my handgun in to the crotch of my pants. Many advantages: Easy access to the weapon, looks gangster so no one will want to mess with you anyways and makes your package look bigger (if u need help in that area). However you must make sure the safety is on so you don’t lose a testicle or end up shooting yourself in the leg like Plaxico Burress.

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    Plaxico Burress
    Might be alright as long as you don't have a plaxident . . .
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    Might want to check out Wilderness Tactical Safepacker. Never used one but it is more discreet than a regular holster and could possible be hooked to the belt of your pack.
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    I pack a small revolver in one of those small zippered waist belts pouches when hunting and hiking. I've run into the exact scenario Ribka mentions on the pot farms (I think we chatted about this, Ribka). I was shot at in March 1993 while on a fishing trip to Concunully, and I will not be in the boonies (near humans) without a handgun.

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    Any place during Salmon season. For some unknown reason, Salmon seem to bring out the worst in people. Keep in mind, concealed carry does not imply one is looking for trouble. Only being prepared. Having said that, there ain't no fish, or fishing hole worthy of a gunfight. But, when it comes down to druggies, I would rather put my faith in fire power over pepper spray.
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    I have no comment on whether to carry or not or how to best carry a gun but I have said and will continue to state that if you are afraid of getting into some sort of close quarter shoot out with druggies or dope growers then you should be packing all the firepower you legally can. Which in my opinion would be a short barreled, 6 or more shot, 12 gauge shotgun loaded up with the buck shot of your choice. I prefer #4. I also suggest bringing some friends armed in a similar fashion. After a fire fight no one cares what caliber or type of weapon was used. The only thing that matters is who lived.
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    You're right Kerry, but as I've aged I've gotten more into ultra-light hiking and backpacking. The shotgun and bandoliers are better suited to jungle patrol in Vietnam than as added carrying weight when hiking and fishing. As another poster mentioned, that's why the venerable and pocketable 38 revolver remains popular. I'm perplexed that pot growers would shoot at hikers and fishermen, since that's not a good way for the growers to remain unnoticed. Seriously, what's a hiker or fishermen going to do besides grab a couple of flowers off the plants as a take-home souvenier for later use. Hardly worth a firefight for either party. Sure is strange, that's for sure, but I find myself increasingly sympathetic to the topic of carrying for self defense. A negative commentary on the state of our society I suspect.

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    Thanks kal that's more along the lines of what i am looking for, i also recently found this,781,34.htm that i could put a camera in too. ill have to give it some thought as to what one i will get.
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    You might add a copy of section 8 of RCW 9.41.060 which states that if you have a fishing license and are either fishing or traveling to or from fishing you do not need a Concealed Pistol License to carry a concealed handgun.
    The Washington state constitution says in part:
    This is especially so for the unfounded fears of someone who attempts to demand you appease their phobia but does not have the right to impair your ability to defend yourself.
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    I got the safepacker, love it it goes on my pack, or while in my car seat doesn't look like a holster plus room for an extra clip
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    Hikepat, I suppose I should apologize for the relative heavy handedness of this response, but I'm completely unconcerned about other people being "uneasy" about the exercise of my civil rights, and am not required to carry in such a way that it doesn't offend their sensibilities. I've used my firearms five times in California to defend life and home, and am not usually without at least a pistol. That fact was one of the principal reasons why I relocated when I retired. It's a sad statement that we've allowed our once safe forests to be overtaken by garbage, and an even sadder statement that the authorities can't seem to be able to stop it. I'm one of those people who's not about to surrender my freedom to the criminal element. Criminals are what body bags are for.
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    I saw it too, Rialto; funny as hell!! Then there's the bunch-usually bangers-who think it's cool to carry in the belt, with the muzzle pointed at the minerals...kind of a delayed Darwinian selection. But I digress.... For grouse tomorrow, I'll have my usual scattergun, plus my Sig tucked into it's holster on my belt, since there's plenty of bears around here, and the possibility of a wounded elk not wanting to share the forest. You never know! But no druggies-we already shot `em all during turkey season.:clown:
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    Rialto: I was just looking for that article. I read it yesterday and thought about linking this thread to it.