best way to clean a lens in the field?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Michael Thompson, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. i have a leupold lens pen, but it doesnt do the greatest job. i was thinking about a little container with Q-tips and alcohol. any suggestions?
  2. 3M Microfiber towel.
  3. iagree the micro fiber cloth and the alcohol have multiple uses. I personally bring the Lens Pen and the microfiber cloth. Now I am thinking of adding the alcohol:)
  4. I usually just untuck my tee shirt and use that.
  5. .............with a bit of spit........?:p
  7. I carry a book of lense paper and a small bottle of alcohol-based lens-cleaning fluid for this purpose. I think doing anything else including all of the suggestions here (t-shirts, q-tips, microfiber cloths; w/ or w/o spit) will scratch the lense to a lesser or greater degree. I don't know what a "lens pen" is, but if it (or anything else, like a microfiber cloth) has been used once, I wouldn't put it on my camera lense.
  8. Lens pen is all I use. The problem for Q tip and alchol (to me) is they still leave a light trace of watermarks, it is very difficult to get a broad even and smooth swipe with a Q-tip.
    The most challenge part to clean a lens in the field is the fine dust and grit. They might scratch the lens surface, even you used the high end clean cloth, or any kind of professional tool. A good cleaning procedure (to me) would be use the clean cloth to "swipe off" the dust "gentlely" first, then use lens cap to remove the oil and smooth the trace. I have heard alcohol might damage the lens coating, so if alcohol is used, I tend to dilute them to 50% or lower.
  9. 100% cotton shirt - it's worked very well for me for the past 30 years.
  10. :thumb: put on a lens cover and wipe away. Every professional I know uses some sort of lens cover or filter.
  11. If it is good glass, I'd use a blower/brush. Dust on the front lens element has little effect on the photo quality. Over time, cleaning marks do. Also, use a UV filter and you have less to worry about.
  12. Just a quick note on those using cotton tshirts and qtips.
    I would advise against using cotton as it can actually create tiny scratches on the long run. Similar to if you wear glasses, if you continually clean your lens with your tshirt, you will notice that it will eventually create very slight scratches. If you must use a tshirt while on the field, never do it dry, it will leave tiny scratches.. dabble a little bit of spit or water. spit will help get rid of fingerprints if you accidently touched the lens.

    cotton also tends to leave bit and particles of dust.
  13. It was a joke son! Except for the fog effect
  14. All my eyeglasses are scratched to heck due to using t-shirts or handkerchiefs .:beathead: I am trying to avoid doing that, now. I use lens cleaning tissues and alcohol on my Pentax Optio WR43 and just wash my Cocoons, though.

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