Beware the Sultan Tweeker car thieves!

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  1. My son went up to fish the Sky today. He parked on the side of Hwy 2 , a half a mile or so beyond the round about. When they came back 3 hours later some crackhead had stolen his car. This is a fairly beat up 94 white Subaru wagon so it's not like it was worth much. He had a bunch of gear in it but luckily he had his favorite fly setup with him.
  2. Oh! I know about this! They use a "bump key"

    My 99 subaru got stolen- and all they need is a filed down key! Old subaru doors and ignitions are super easy to open with basically any filed down key!

    My car wasn't stolen on the river though- mine was at the south center mall. Ended up in a pawn shop parking lot 2 weeks later
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  3. Sorry to hear this, the trek back to car is always a sick feeling knowing there's a good chance is gone/smashed
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  4. and yet absolutely NOTHING ever happens to these little bastards. Why is that? There's such a thing as law enforcement in this country, but it seems to be lacking where this type of crime occurs....... just sayin`.
  5. "A half a mile beyond the roundabout" on Hwy 2, wouldn't that put you on the Wallace? Its a pretty good hike to the Sky from there, if its where I'm thinking it is.
    I used to fish that area, not any more though for exactly the same reason, it's a real shame too it used to be a great area. Sorry it happened to your son.

  6. I caught a guy prowling a truck a while back. The Sheriff came and arrested him pretty quickly actually. But from what I understand, these guys typically just spend the night in the local jail and get let go. They don't get much for punishment.
  7. A friend of mine went to his car one morning and saw a pair of legs sticking out the driver side; the guy was under the dash trying to remove his stereo. My friend was (is) the wrong guy to try to rob; he pulled the guy out by his feet, and although he was unconscious from his head hitting the driveway when he was pulled out, he still ended up with fewer teeth and a few cracked ribs. The police were told he put up a fight when confronted, and they didn't seem to worry much about the perp. Not the way I'd do things, but again, my buddy is not the guy you want to cross in that manner. Poor impulse control.
  8. I'd say he's got great fast decision making skills and more than a few Street survival skills..
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  9. Yup, like my break in. Busy park with plenty of visibility. Yet nobody noticed someone tossing stuff from one rig to another. Sucks, sorry it happened (I'm still dealing with insurance).
  10. Speaking of break-ins, I saw multiple cars broken into a Picnic Point in broad day light.

    Time to go for thieves. Police won't help you so help yourselves and don't leave you Sage in the back seat and iphone in the cup holder.

  11. Too busy giving grandmas speeding tickets and pulling over people going to work on i5.
  12. Car break ins suck. Anybody that as it done will attest to that. Even with insurance you never get back all that was taken. I had many flies I tied taken along with the ones that I bought. Only the bought ones were reimbursed and it wasn't top dollar either.

    Here in Montana people feel pretty safe, or just stupid. I saw a car on the upper Ruby with the windows open and nobody around it. The river was over a bank about 100 feet down to it.. I don't lock my truck up either. It's got all my gear in it. I feel pretty safe as all the thieves are gone. They all moved to Washington State.
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  13. I just leave 5 gal gas tank in the bed of my truck with a sticky note that says, "most valuable item in truck" no broken windows yet
  14. I'm pleased that Weiliwen's buddy is trying to make the world a better place.

    I read a few years ago that a perp has to steal 7 cars in WA before actual jail time happens. They get a pass on the first 6. Only when a significant % of perps end up like the one that tried to steal Weiliwen's buddy's car stereo will B&E and theft become unpopular. Crime pays. Therefore people do it.
  15. Get some mono-filament and brand new treble hooks. Anchor them just out of sight in a place were the pussheads would reach to get something, i.e. under the dash behind your stereo, or around the inside door handle where they would reach in to unlock the door, etc... When you come back you will either have them sitting there trying to get the hooks out of the back of their hand, or at the very least you would have a DNA sample and a small feeling of vengeance. Just to be clear this is NOT barbless hook only!
  16. Set a trap, dig deep, and shut your mouth... just saying.
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  17. I would call that good judgment. But that is just me.
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  18. There's just something about a good beating that convinces a dirtbag to regret his errant ways. At least it convinced a doper who had sideswiped my cherry Chevy & my elderly neighbor's car back in the day to pay for both repair bills. The local small-town Montana police advised him to be more careful when he was walking around after he complained about his first "accident," lol.
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  19. Fuckin` CLASSIC!!!!

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