Beware the Sultan Tweeker car thieves!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Billy McFly, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Caught two little fuckers trying to steal my truck years ago down in Sacramento. Introduced them both to Mr. 12ga. One cracked his head wide open on the underside of the dash, while the other one got the buttstock in his face. When you rush, that's when accidents happen!
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  2. Now the rest of the story . . . after our first (and the only required) counseling session during which I informed the miscreant that I intended to extract $50-worth of ass-kicking per session until both repair bills were paid in-full, he promptly satisfied his financial obligations. To be fair, when he paid me I gave $50 back; then we went to St. Pete's church together (Being a compassionate type, I kept a firm grip on his wrist so he wouldn't fall down again.). He seemed to think that putting that $50 in the donation box to help the less fortunate was a wonderful idea at the time. Dear Annie from next door kept me supplied in cookies & treats until I moved away. Life was good.
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  3. My truck stereo break-in story isn't as cool as some others, but what the heck - i'll post something on the humiliating episode. Some years ago, some jackwagon stole my stereo, a bunch of my stuff (one of my wetsuits, surf leash, sweashirt, etc) and a ton of CDs out of my tacoma. To add insult to injury, they used the toolbox I'd left behind the seat to assist them in their efforts.

    I know what you're thinking: "Dude, that is just unfortunate, but not humiliating. What gives?"

    The humiliating part? I happened to have a (sigh) NEIL DIAMOND'S GREATEST HITS CD in the CD player when they stole it. There is an explanation for why i had the CD, but I won't bother to offer it up at this point. The guy or guys who stole my stuff stripped the inside of my rig clean of pretty much everything of even remote value, but they pulled out the Neil Diamond CD from the player and left it and the CD cover right on my front seat.

    Ouch. Wasn't enough they stole my stuff - did they have to try to shame me on my music choice too? And when did I discover the break-in, you ask? September morn.
  4. This would be a good idea, but in our society we give more rights to the criminal than the victim. If you did this, you'd end up in jail, and the thief would probably sue and win.
    When I lived in Spokane, a co-worker had problems with thieves stealing his cd player out of his truck at night. He knew who it was, but the police wouldn't act. So he set up some booby traps. Razor blades stuck into the mounting hardware did the trick. When the thief attempted to yank the stereo out, he lost his fingertips. Long story short: the thief walked, and my friend did fifteen days in jail for booby trapping his own vehicle.
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  5. OMJ,

    I was fishing a well known Western Montana stream the a couple weeks ago and next to me in the back of a pickup where some very pricey rods in the back. Couldn't believe it, I wouldn't leave my Winston's in the back like that. On a second note, may have to start disconnecting battery terminals or something.
  6. Unfortunately, what Trip said is sad but true in today's world. Would that it weren't. A person needs to be more "discrete" nowadays.
  7. I've said this before. I've seen people here when they go shopping that they get out of their vehicle and leave the engine running and go shop. Their vehicle's are still there when they get done.

    You do this in Washington and when you are out of site of your vehicle it will be gone. You always see fly rods in vehicle's with the windows rolled down and nobody around. I believe that if you lifted something out of a vehicle here and you get caught, you will probably disappear for good. Lots of old mine shafts up in the hills.
  8. That's an absolute miscarriage of justice! If it weren't so far away, your co-worker could have whacked the tweaker and borrowed my friend's backhoe and buried the tweaker in one of Mason County's myriad swamps and wetlands. Now I ain't saying it's totally legal to do that; I'm just saying that nobody looks for bodies in Mason County swamps. It's important to protect our swamps and wetlands. You never know when they'll come in handy.
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  9. What are you talking about officer? I am out on a fishing trip and in order to keep my extra hooks from being stolen I hide them under the dash behind my stereo, tied to the fire wall with 30 lb test.
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  10. It used to be like that in Seattle too Jim. In the early 70s I'd park my car under the viaduct to go home (via ferry) for the weekend, usually unlocked and often windows down. I had a decent stereo with many tapes and no one ever bothered it. I was lucky probably, but times have changed.

  11. What is this "tapes" you speak of?
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  12. Eight tracks my man!
    (Perhaps a clue as to why they were left alone.)
  13. David, guys breaking into cars back then weren't looking for Captain & Tennille or Carpenters tapes..
  14. Not much hope for the tape deck though....or the Creedence
  15. Yeah, but now it's all on CD's
  16. its a movie quote
  17. I'm lucky I where I live. My truck(with all my gear in it) is rarely locked, even overnight in the driveway. Usually the keys are in it. I've never had a problem, nor any one I know. Admittedly, my truck probably sees more dirt roads than paved per year, but MY Washington is more like OMJ's Montana than most other parts of the state.
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  18. I watch one scene of the big lebowski and now i have to watch the entire movie...... for the umpteenth time.
    Its tough being me somedays.
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  19. The dude abides
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  20. If you get off the main roads here in Montana the other roads are all dirt or Gravel.

    When I go fishing, like heading up to the upper Ruby. I can get about 5 miles of paved road and about 150 miles of dirt or gravel. I used to have 4 ply tires on my truck, they suck on roads other than the main roads. I now have 6 ply tires. A lot better on the back roads.

    Washington State used to be a lot safer when parking in the woods. But that was in the 70's and 80's. After that I used to lock up my car. But being that it was a Subaru, the locks didn't keep the thieves out.

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