Beware the Sultan Tweeker car thieves!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Billy McFly, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. I just write these guys strongly worded letters. Works every time.
  2. I had my 1988 Nissan Sentra broken into with a flathead screwdriver. How do I know? They left it on the passenger seat while they stole my stereo, wallet, tapes & day planner. I know.... I'm an idiot for leaving my wallet in the car. But I'm more embarrassed about owning a day planner! It was the early 90's but still. No excuse will work for that.
  3. LEOs these days are too busy beating and murdering innocent people and shooting folks' dogs to worry about tweekers breaking into your vehicles.
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  4. If the tweakers trespass on railroad property then the law will be on their asses.
  5. Tweekers run a lot faster than Middle Ages dudes in waders...... They're harder to catch
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  6. They dont arrest them... unless they have a bench warrant or are wanted for a serious crime.
    They have NO money.... the cops know this and they also know that the system cannot afford to house people with NO MONEY.
    That is why they mess with people that have money.... the guy with the fly rod has money.
  7. I was kidding. Railroad tresspass was an issue on the Sky this summer. Seems there wasn't a shortage of enforcement when BNSF decided anglers were a big problem.
    Car prowlers = not worthy of the law's time
    Crossing RR tracks to access the river = worthy of emphasis patrols
  8. Unbelievable
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  9. Thats only the case in seattle, other places they are to busy hanging out at the bikini coffee stands to notice much !!!
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  10. Are you honestly implying that these things aren't happening in unacceptable numbers in this country? You must not pay much attention to what's going on in this country with the militarization of police forces.
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  11. Sure, by all means, for the statistically miniscule number of incidents compared to the total population of LEO's, doing their best with situations most of us would not want to touch with a 10 foot pole, let's smear the lot of them :rolleyes:.
  12. Your right we should go back to a vigilanty form of law enforcement as seen fit by the general public.people should be able to do what ever the heck they want and there should be no L.E.O.s involved in any civic dispute. the citizens should handle all disputes between themselfs as they see fit...
  13. That rational seems to work for the B & E guys, at least up. Altho we seem to know who they are and it only takes a few hours to get your stuff back. That is the nice thing about small towns, it is pretty hard to hide your dirty deeds.:D
  14. So you're OK with the cops having tanks and grenade launchers? (They do. Why?) You'd be fine if a cop came into your back yard and shot your dog dead? They're supposed to "Protect & Serve" us, not themselves.
  15. You forgot to add "unless you guys are in your buddy's truck parked next to you ready to turn a tweaker into crawdad bait" after "holder".
  16. Really? Not protect them selves?


    When someone shoots at me I shoot back!! It is up to the person who is being threatened to assess the situation and use the necessary force they deem correct for the situation. When that second flashes before your eyes and you need to make the decision that will send one of you to the grave and the other home to their family you react. Am I saying all shooting by "LEOs" are fully justified, NO, could some other means of negotiation or use of force been used to defuse some situations yeah sure, but if you have only microseconds to make a decision that is gonna be the ticket to you going home after shift to see your family, you will make the call you deem is the correct one at that time. Then when the smoke clears and the adrenalin subsides you pray that the decision you made was the correct one.

    Because you have taken the actions of a few, LEOs, and wrapped the whole group of "LEOs" into one bunch I think you are an A-hole. If tragedy ever happens to come your way sir, heaven forbid, I hope you choose not to call 911. I would not want one of our countries horrible "LEOs" to "invade" your bubble in order to provide you the services in which they volunteer for every day.

    Rant over...

    I am not saying all LEOs are great, but to justify your argument with the action of a few and lay blame the whole group is ridiculous.
  17. May you launch your boat and forget to put in the plug!
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  18. I have never had a bad experience with a Leo that didn't have coming,I learned very fast don't mess with law enforcement , the police in Ketchikan ak. are very adapt at dealing with drunk young commercial fisherman. Mind your manners and the L.E.O.'s don't give you a second look, be an asshat and you become a participant in a law enforcement training exercise it's that simple.
  19. Can't decide what is worse....the meth heads busting into my truck or the railroad cops issuing tickets to guys crossing the tracks to go fishing!!!
  20. The former.
    I'll find a way to my fishing spots - railroad tracks or not, but any low life that breaks in and steals something I've legitimately worked my ass off for over a lifetime of hard work gets whatever they've got coming to them in my book!

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