Beware the Sultan Tweeker car thieves!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Billy McFly, Jul 21, 2014.

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    I think we need people like Tony Soprano, Paulie, and Christapha to get the job done. You know what I'm saying.
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    My brother did this once. We were getting loaded off a Sling in Edmond's one time and after he got dropped off we started to sink at the back end we got back on the sling pulled it up to dry land and drained out the water and installed the plugs. It was a close one as the water where we launched at was about 10 feet deep.
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    This is good (just lets not get on the gun control bit) in how it portrays the criminals as a job.

    It defs isnt
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    If you are spending your life, bitching and moaning about the police bothering you..... maybe you should not give them a reason to.....Maybe you are not very good at being a criminal... and should choose another career path.

    I have been alive for many years, and haven't had too many issues with police.... Why you ask? Because I know right from wrong.
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    It isn't exactly that cut and dry.... I've had several questionable interactions with the police and I am certainly no criminal. I would particularly get their attention many years ago as a skateboarding teenager. And then there was the time in college when an officer drew down and nearly shot me because I walked up to his parked cruiser looking for help after shattering my hand playing football in the public park he was "patrolling." And instead of offering any help he just holstered his weapon and continued talking to his wife/girlfriend on his cell phone and told me to dial 911 if I needed help. I waited for a friend to pick me up and take me to the hospital. That one left a bad taste in my mouth.... That being said, I have friends who are LEO's and some close family friends who were like second parents to me growing up. I have much respect for the profession, but it is ignorant to assume that only criminals have problems with the police. There are a-holes in any profession and we cannot hold an entire demographic of people accountable for what a few have done, but that is hard for some people to do especially if they have had experiences like the one I just described. But I have never had a bad experience with an LEO while fishing. When I have been stopped and checked, it has always felt like they were more curious about the fishing and just ended up checking my license as a formality. WDFW officers are pretty down to earth in my experience.
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    My car got broken into in broad daylight at a major Kirkland Park and ride.

    I've never been broken into on the sky.

    Go figure