B'ham Winter Steel Fly Swap?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jason Chadick, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Hey gang,

    Reading the fabulous thread about milestone steelies got me all warm and fuzzy inside. How's about a winter steelhead fly swap for B'hammers. I was thinking everyone bring a couple or a few flies, and meet at The Village, or Elizabeth Station, or another one of our great watering holes? Perhaps next Wednesday? I'm open and flexible to other dates and times. I've been doing some work at the vise and thought that this might be a fun way to kick off the season. Any takers?


  2. If I still lived in Bellingham I would be all over it! Any excuse to drink beer with Charles S is worthy in my book ; )
  3. I'll bite, name the time and place.
  4. I may be able to make such a thing. I like the E-station idea. They limit you to 3 beers, kids are allowed, and it's on a bus line.


    I still have your toon. I'll get it to you this weekend maybe? Also if you have the licenses we could try for T fish.

  5. Cool, I was thinking Elizabeth Station sometime after dinner. Like 8 or so, Wednesday still sound good to you guys?
  6. that being said, I've got a pretty cushy schedule next week and could easily do another time if it would be more convenient
  7. I'm in E-burg friday and sat, no worries on the toon bro, I'll give you a call.
  8. Ya, that's good for me.

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