Big DEAD Native on a stringer - Upper Hoh???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Marty Leith, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Next time I see some bastard that looks like a guide on the Hoe in a blue raft I'm just gonna start shoot'n... Not jump'n to conclusions , just say'n...:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  2. In my experience, ire gets far more results than apathy, and it's a lot more fun.
  3. Damn as long as it aint the fat man in the blue raft I'm all for it,,,,,:):)

    I know who it is and the guy's CRAZY and I don't need my shit F'd with, he guides very little,,,,, understandably so,,,,but if someone else was to drop the name RETODD from the sight you might all find out who,,,,thats YOUR que brother!!!
  4. Hey Jarad -

    I think that I saw the same article and I questioned it, until I read the article. Now I don't know the dude wrote wrote it, but I see him enough in 'zines to guess that he has a clue. He truly seemed to take the clubbing of this fish as a serious act - and as per the article he only clubbed because it was breeding out from a gill. Now I don't know about anyone else, but I would have done the same, and have done the same in the past. Is it better to let the fish linger while it dies and let its body to back into he ecosystem? Maybe. It certainly would not go to "waste" as it would feed that environment from the ground up, so to speak.

    If we truly claim to care so much about the fish I would challenge people not to fish for wild stock. I have hung it up until Springers & hatchery Steelhead show up. As I explained to a guide friend of mine earlier today, I have moral issues with wounding and stressing a creature for my amusement. I'd rather go ride my bike, paddle, ski or do a hundred other things that our backyard provides.

    Now least you peg me as a PETA do gooder blahblahblah, let me saw that what we catch, we kill. What we kill, we eat, and we eat what we harvest probably five to six days per week, be it venison, bear, elk, fish, shellfish, birds, or from our own garden.

    We are certainly all entitled to our opinion, but if we are going to take the high road, that road is to not fish for stocks that cannot take the pressure of sustainable harvest (IMO).
  5. One wild fish harvested by an angler is a tragedy.... thousands being killed by a gill net is just a statistic..
  6. Marty,
    I'm not trying to start an argument about morality, at least not over the Internet, I'm mearly stating my opinion. Now, as for bleeding fish; I was fishing the Skeena system in the fall of 08' and the first fish that I landed was a bright little 6lb hen. After a few displays of acrobatics, and one small run, I landed the fish. To my suprise, this hen litterally had almost no lower jaw whatsoever. Healthy as can be, but at one time seemingly mortally wounded. I have personally caught over 5 fish that I specifically remember, that had mutilated gill plates and gills (one actually had an entire gill plate missing). I believe that a fish of that size and strength could survive some pretty extensive damage. If there was even a chance that a wild fish would survive to pass on it's genes to the next generation, then yes, I would do my damnedest to get that fish to kick vigoriosly out of my hand.
  8. I'm just as against killing wild fish as anyone. But many forget this same river has gill nets killing these wild fish more days during the run than they are not. We as catch and release anglers aren't even allowed to lift a fish out of the water for a moment for a quick pic then release, but just downstream, these fish are being pulled out by the hundreds daily.
  9. No worrys Braz, as I've scoped your web page, and know what you look like !! May be contacting you for a day or two next year for winter steel swing'n-
    Was just funn'n with the thread- and if i get over there, there will be two fat men in your raft !!:thumb:
  10. Man I never thought of scent on my fly. Killer idea, beats packing out those stinky sand shrimp . Man I am sure glad guys like him are out there to teach us something new. STOP the nets and everything will be OK.
  11. Hey Guys,
    the POS in question is Todd Hallingstad:

    Killing native fish in the upper Hoh is illegal and unethical and should not be supported by the angling community, nor allowed by WDFW. His license should be revoked and all property used in committing the crime seized. Flame away and pass the word.
  12. since when it native fish retention in the Hoh illegal?

    unethical, yes...illegal? unfortunately no.
  13. well Keith, now your post has validity :) You called it!.......

    Rob, how do you know this? I just went through the guides web site there is no evidence in the photo gallery of killing wild fish or the mishandling of wild fish, on the contrary the pictures seem to suggest he is very careful about handling wild fish. There are a few "gill shots" with some hatcheries but they are there to harvest. Just wondering where you are getting your information.


    Nate Dutton
  14. nomdeTrout- check the regs...the Hoh above 101 is closed to retention and that is where the infraction occured.
  15. gotcha. my apologies. I misread the reg book.
  16. WOW! let me get some popcorn with a little seasoning salt, a cold Coke with lots of ice.
  17. Anyone come across more facts on this situation yet? Copies of citations issued, if any? Court dates? Hearings held? Now that some pretty personal information has been posted here some lines in social media circles have been crossed IMHO. TomB I think your passionate strong suport for wild steelhead has clouded your sense of judgement. Posting that amount of someones personal information is excessive and you should edit that post leaving more appropriate information. Do you want everyone knowing your address when they may disagree with one of your alleged actions or practices? Two wrongs clearly is not right. You could have stopped at a simple link to the site. Those that care to look further could.
  18. fair enough mumbles...i just copied info available on his website though.
  19. iagree with Mumbles!

  20. naw post whatever you want in my opinion.
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